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Could Thai Airways Be The Next Airline To Go Bankrupt? Airline In ‘Crisis,’ Says President

Low-cost airlines in South-East Asia have put the Thai national carrier under serious pressure on many ASEAN routes and Sumeth doubles down by remarking: “Thai is really in a crisis... everyone dies if this ship sinks.” ( More...

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April Hill 2
The Thai monarchy is one of the richest in the world. The airline will survive. It probably goes through cyclical financial crisis due to corruption and skimming related to the govt ownership (as is common in that part of the world), which no one can ever speak out about. My experience has been they are higher priced than other carriers in TL, but with better service.
...a bit clickbaity, as the article concludes "the airline will ultimately likely survive due to its political connections and government ownership."
I've lived in Thailand almost 11 years now, and Thai Air undergoes an existential crisis every three years or so. The government always manages to bail them out - can't lose face by having your National Flac Carrier go under.

I flew them on my initial trip in. Haven't flown them since. When their base price is 20 to as much as 80 percent higher than long-haul competition, they're not going to fill seats. Plus, the perks that airline execs, their families, and government members get are ridiculous. I understand that they're cutting back on perks now... let's see how long that lasts.

No one complains about the in-cabin service, though. I have friends who fly it on medium routes - under 10 hours, and they're always pleased with the service - but complain about the ticket prices.
I work in Logistics in Phuket, we only use TG as a last resort, or where it makes sense to (domestic). Their rates are just to high compared to international competition. The Thai practice of increasing prices in hard times doesnt help, and their economic model is flawed to say the least (ageing and inefficient aircraft, Top heavy management, management & staff perks etc.) The Thai Government has refused any bailout until spending is brought under control. Circling the drain ? we'll see...
Joao Ponces 1
I am very surprised with your statements! I have flown THAI several times, and the price was much cheaper then competing airlines! The last time I flew, New Delhi to Tokyo via BKK, I flew business for the price of Economy regular ticket both on Air India and JAL...
Booking last week to AKL. TG was 27,000 baht, MH was 17,600.

belzybob 1
I flew MH economy yesterday, from the evident cost-cutting, now that's an airline heading for broke.
Indeed... but they weren't the least expensive. I won't fly Eastern China Air.

MH has been putting out feelers for a takeover - no takers, though.


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