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American Airlines mechanic accused of attempted sabotage of flight with 150 on board

A mechanic for American Airlines was arrested Thursday and accused of trying to sabotage a commercial airliner shortly before it was set to take off from Miami International Airport for the Bahamas with 150 people on board. ( More...

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When you endanger the lives of 150 people your intentions are irrelevant. Lock his ass up.
I think the FBI, NSA, TSA, and many others will be looking closely at his home and computer systems...
Just saying...
Kobe Hunte 5
It is already pretty clear what his intentions were. Even though the FBI, NSA, TSA and many others will be investigation. Just saying...
ed lang 42
This idiot is claiming contract dispute? That's flat out terrorism. Lock him up for a long long time.
Or terrorism...I'm good with that too. Either way, send a message that these types of tactics are completely unacceptable!
Jeremy David 3
And destroy the key.
lyn williams 2
Add some chlorine to his gene pool. Lots of it.
BS. Attempted manslaughter. Send a message that this won't be tolerated. He knew what he was doing was wrong. Doesn't matter that he didn't intend on hurting anyone. If he did, then it would be murder. Scum.
Kobe Hunte 15
Exactly. Lock the guy up. Don't wait til he has a chance to murder 150 innocent people..
Good reply Zach.
djames225 4
Attempted manslaughter?? Let a few of us near him and we'll show you attempted man slaughter. This was deliberate, so attempted murder of 150 counts!
Kobe Hunte 2
It would be a bit past "attempted" I think!
djames225 2
Yes..notice I separated the man and slaughter.
Kobe Hunte 2
Yes I mean if any of us got our hands on us we would not have to attempt!
Kobe Hunte 1
oops typo - get our hands on him*
djames225 1
I have a feeling that we would not go the full "slaughter" distance, hence we ourselves would be locked a good "attempt" would suffice, make him realize what he did and remember for rest of his existence...perhaps, after that, some may accidentally leave open salt shakers lying about.
Kobe Hunte 1
Yes so true. Let the law deal with him.

Does make you quite aggravated though!
airpound69 0
Actually the fact he didn’t want to hurt anyone is extremely important and the criminal justice system doesn’t exist for revenge purposes, the punishment is supposed to be proportional to the crime - he didn’t want to hurt anyone and in fact didn’t.
djames225 3
His actions spoke louder than words. If you do not intend to harm, you do not "mess around" with ANYTHING to do with aircraft flight. The criminal justice system will see that, hopefully, and judge accordingly. Attempted murder still prevails in my mind!
If he wished no one harm, he could have gone about other avenues, to get his plight out there.
Bill Wilson 1
If he didn't want to hurt anyone, he wouldn't have tried to sabotage an aircraft. His intentions were clear whether he intended the aircraft to crash or merely experience a malfunction, lives were in the balance and he was responsible (or in this case irresponsible).
Yes, the fact that he claims he didn't want to hurt anyone is a factor, but it is heavily outweighed by the potential severe harm his actions could have caused.

And revenge would be a factor if some of the pilots and frequent fliers in this forum (who might take his actions as a personal threat) got ahold of this mechanic and beat him to death. So yes, let's keep him safely locked up and subject him to the full weight of the criminal justice system, which is quite capable of differentiating vindictive revenge from the protection of society (you and me) from the potential harm of this man's actions.
djames225 1
His claims are not a factor at all, more like a total line of BS...when you are a mechanic, you know what parts can and do mess with ANYTHING on an aircraft that will jeopardize the safety of the craft is inexcuseable..and no beating to death, just a good "horsewhipping" before tossing him into a nice 5X7 cell.
linbb 15
Years back one of the very first things we were told when starting our A&E training was you as a mechanic if you fail to do your work proplerly will be held responsible for your actions and prosecuted it was somewhere stated back then in the regs. Kind of says it all I carried that thought when I moved to being a heavy duty mechanic.
Wayne Fox 9
As if the Airlines are not having enough problems already this guy should be prosecuted for attempted manslaughter!
Kobe Hunte 5
I sure hope he does. Some people don't care about loss of life. Hopefully this changes after long years in jail. Hopefully...
airpound69 -3
How many lives were lost? None and he claimed he didn’t want to hurt anyone.
djames225 2
If you kill a person while driving drunk, you did not mean to do it at all, you had no intentions at all (did not sabotage anything), but you still get charged with vehicular manslaughter! He had intentions because HE PURPOSELY sabotaged the aircraft. So BS on his "oh I meant no harm" crap!!
Bill Wilson 1
Whether he wanted to cause harm or not this is still a dangerous individual who needs to learn that actions (positive or negative) have far-reaching consequences.
djames225 1
As I wrote many days ago, Wayne, attempted murder, not attempted manslaughter. He knew very well what he was doing in sabotaging that aircraft.
this man is ignorant and selfish,pure and do not do anything to the workings ,mechanical or otherwise, of an aircraft,under the idea you want overtime,or you are helping your unions cause..that tactic not only damages any issues going forward to settle a contract dispute (and i believe from what I have read, the mechanics union was already under investigation for slowdowns and the like),but it shows true criminal intent..that man was playing with the lives of 150 people..his name of course,immediately calls to mind a terrorist affiliation,but that is because since 9/11 most people have been programmed to think or feel that way..the article does not state anything other than he wanted more overtime..thank goodness his actions did not cause a serious accident..he most definitely will be fired,but he will now be subjected to federal prosecution..
MultiComm 3
FAA (and any international equivalent) certifications should be revoked permanently assuming he ever gets out of jail in the first place.
sharon bias 12
Lt's hear it for the design system that looked for these types of problems, the light that lite up perfectly, the pilots that immediately returned to the ramp, and the other mechanics that immediately found the problem, identified it as sabotage, and reported it. People working together can stop a lot of bad things from happening.
John Wool 1
Very underrated comment. Excellent point!
thegrump 6
He really, really really picked the wrong day to stop sniffling glue.

Don’t think I’ve ever been able to actually say that huffing paint would have been a wiser choice during work hours.
zi princess 2
Terrorism! May he rot in jail!
ADXbear 2
Careful walk around ..
Don Quixote 2
Haha, got ya idiot. Nice try, good thing these pilots didn't take off. Off to Federal prison.
I'm glad the issue was caught before something horrible happened to the flight!
Bob Poberezny 2
Lock him in a room and throw away the room.
twschmidt4 3
Sounds like the kind of antics labor unions performed way back when. But to put lives in possible jeopardy, that's criminal.
Hang him!
ferminbf 2
That’s not a sabotage but a massive murder attempt. Anyone knows that any apparently simple reason in aviation could lead to catastrophic failure resulting in dead passengers and crew.
Allan Bowman 2
Sentence him to life as a crash test dummy.
Brian James 2
While I agree the offender should be appropriately punished, this situation does show that a properly designed aircraft won't leave the ground with issues that endanger the flight. The safety features in this case worked the way they were supposed to.
Yvon Dionne 2
If this guy truly wanted to cause this aircraft to crash he could of picked another system on the aircraft to damage. The circuit he decided to use had built in redundancies that allowed the pilots to abort and return to the gate. Let's not be to quick to condemn. I wonder if his name would of been Bill Jones if we would of jumped to conclusions? My point is let the investigation run it's course and see what we find out. Cheers
MultiComm 2
It doesn’t matter if the intent was to cause the aircraft to crash or not. The accusation and charge should be an intent to disable a critical aircraft system/component and potentially the falsification of aircraft maintenance records.
Harold Burton 2
Prison for 20 years then deportation back to his Muslim country. Join the union there!
MultiComm 4
So your assuming he was not born in the US or otherwise has not completed the naturalization process simply by his name. I can see how easy the assumption can be made but let’s get real here. He needs full prosecution and jail time but don’t jump to conclusions. My apologies in advance if I missed anything on this article that stated he was not a legal US citizen.
George Cottay 2
Assumptions without evidence like this one harm our nation.
twschmidt4 1
You sound like Trump!
Robert Sloane 1
crazy, attempted man slaughter is thin. How about premeditated attempted murder? He needs to be fully punished to the max extent of the law. Bravo Zulu to the flight crew noticing an issue, and the ground crew discovering the problem. Its really terrorism that failed, thank God.
David Johnson 1
He must have known that the ADM would generate an error, and the correct procedure would be to abort the take off. He is an avionics technician, after all. This is one of the few things he could do that would not show up on pre flight checks.
I hope the incident is fully investigated, including checking to see whether he has anything on his computer or email, but just because he has a foreign name doesn't automatically mean he is a terrorist.
That is a terror crime open Guantanamo prison again plz, and lifetime without parrol
william baker 1
Chris B 1
This isn't "attempted" sabotage, it was ACTUAL sabotage. The only thing that was "attempted" was the murder of the passengers and crew on board. And that is what he should be charged with - 150 times. I don't care if he says his intentions were different, he actually sabotaged an airliner in a manner that could have reasonably led to the deaths of everyone on board, as well as some on the ground, had the plane either become airborne with faulty data or had an accident during the aborted takeoff. Prison for life.
Bob Poberezny 1
As if the airlines didn't have enough trouble with Episcopalians....
MultiComm 1
Bob Poberezny 0
Science lets us build airplanes; religion makes us fly them into buildings.
dpadhye 1
His name tells me everything I need to know.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Chris B 15
Just like Timothy McVeigh's name should have told the rental company not to rent him a van?
Well said!
dpadhye 1
There is a thing called statistics that helps identify some patterns. Go figure.
djames225 1
Statistics my ass...Using that train of thought, there are other's who should be held under the same light then.
Kobe Hunte 4
Yes but you can't always go by a name though.
Karin Pryor 6
It’s people like u who r the problem...... just saying
Kobe Hunte 5
You can't judge people by their name. Sorry. I don't care what name it is.
You can't be serious.
JedFR 1
Your comment didn't age well given they found ties to ISIS.
Rick Hunt 0
Yet another Islamic fundamentalist attempting to destroy our society.....
George Cottay -1
Zero evidence of this.
JedFR -1
Your comment didn't age well.
Franco Prizzi 0
If we can't trust veterans, or FAA certifications, can we still fly in the future ?
Gary Hunter 0
Maybe they are overworked or I do not fully appreciate the realities of flying passenger jets, but isn't the 'walkround' meant to be to identify things like loose pitots or blocked holes in tubes? I know its a big plane buit I see crew members looking them over before a flight.
MultiComm 2
Most large jets this would not be easy to notice. We don’t know for sure where the loose connection was. My guess would be that the piece of foam was sneered into the pitot tube and that would never be noticed on a walk around from 5,10,15 feet below looking up.
John Wool 1
It was actually in the EE Bay and it the obstruction was in the line feeding into the ADM from what I understand. Never would have been noticed on a walk around
MultiComm 1
sneered = inserted 🙄
McBlemmen 0
Wow. At first i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe he had intentionally left a bag behind or something because he was fed up with his job and the media was blowing it out of proportion. But what he did is pretty much the worst thing he could have possibly done. Lock this guy up for life. What a shame about his name, it will just reinforce a stereotype.


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