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American Airlines' reign as the world's largest airline may be ending

American's five-year reign as the world's largest airline may be coming to an end. By two major measures, Fort Worth-based American Airlines fell behind either Delta Air Lines or United Airlines in the rankings of the world's biggest air carriers during the second quarter. ( Más...

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Another reason for Doug to go. I'm EP and intend to take Dekta Challenge. Tired of maint delays, reduced FF incentives, bare bones planes, extremely poir ops, and poir customer service caused by poor treatment from management
M Wagner 4
me too!!!
Bill Y 2
I'm an American stock holder because I want to go to the board meeting a complain. I no longer fly American because of the poor customer service, canceling flights because it is raining at the destination 3.5 hours away and POOR maintenance (seems 90 percent of flights that I was on was delayed because of pilots not showing up or maintenance issues). I was on the flight from RNO to DAL when we smelled smoke and had to make an emergency landing. American was a great airline before the merger but now I don't think the employees care...
Philip Lanum 0
I really hate poir ops and poir customer service.

Don't you have spell checker on your device?
AWAAlum 3
Listen, at least when he's wrong, he's consistent.
This is what you have to worry about? Sorry to hurt your sensibilities. Driving and typing.
Ronald Taaffe 2
You must be joking???
Dale Ballok 0
Ya, EVERYONE has to worry about YOU typing while driving!!!!
Apparently, typing on your phone is more important than THE SAFETY OF OTHER MOTORISTS!!!
terry gersdorf 6
Ever since US Airways acquired AA its been slowly going down hill... Time for Doug to go
Bryan Morgan 4
As a retired US Air pilot I will have to agree with most of the comments. Bob Crandall and Parker never gave a rap about their employees. It was always bottom line. WhenI started with Piedmont Airlines it was not like that. We took pride in being Piedmont pilots. They would never have stolen our retirement and put at the back of the line. Like Gordon Greco said Greed is good and they are very good at it.
Benito Cámela 9
The largest and the best ever was Pan Am.
siriusloon 6
How did that work out for them?
n9341c 0
No way. Mohawk was the best.
At Las Vegas (LAS) McCarren, there are several excellent displays in the terminals of some of the airlines that are no longer in existence.
MOHAWK has a display and it is most interesting.
Roger that Benito!
Flew Pan American World Airways First Class around the world back in late 1984 - early 1985.
Took a break in Singapore with a friend I gained flying from Narita (Nerdville) to Singapore for 10 days while staying at the Singapore Intercontinental Hotel.
I still have several items of Pan Am memorabilia.
Being a total freak for airplanes, especially the 747, I of course visited the flight decks to chat.
Because I had my pilot license, some of the captains allowed me (unofficially) upon brake release to stay for the take-off departure after the official notice they had to close the flight deck door (they never did).
Before the inside job of 09.11.2001, I'd had the opportunity to also visit, in flight, the flight decks on Brittish Airways and KLM.
Never forget the swishing noise on the flight deck of the exterior air we were penetrating at 620 mph.
Rates as one of the top five greatest experiences of my life so far.
Those WERE the DAYS.
being the "largest", does not make an airline necessarily the best..i remember the "good old days", when ammerican WAS"something special in the air",and "w're american airlines,doing what we do best"..since the merger with us airways,not so much!!being the largest is measured by many factors from route structures to fleet size,to employees to monetary gain and shareholders..if american must cut back on routes,cities served,employees and aircraft due to the 737 issue,of course they will lose strength and size...
Bob Crandall made AA the largest in the 1980s at the time when other airlines were struggling with "Deregulation" of US airlines.He pushed forward many innovations in the airline industry.Since he retired it has been all down hill for American. My friends there tells me that after the merger with US Airways it is American Airlines IN NAME ONLY.
Doug took the worst of both airlines and merged them
n9341c 1
And the result was poir ops and poir customer service, wasn't it?
You understood it didn't you. Lower your nose, you may walk into something.
n9341c 1
Right, because American was bankrupt when US Air bought them. I mean merged with them. You dont keep the senior leadership team intact of the bankrupt airline.
You are wrong.Actually American Airlines had about three and a half billion dollars in their coffers even when they declared BANKRUPT as their strategy against any monster pay rise for their employees. US Airways did not have a tenth of that worth in cash at the time of the merger. The CEO of AA SOLD OUT AA.
raul muela 2
Agradecemos a america airlines de tenernos en cuenta esta ruta de cordoba argentina a miami EEUU
exelente atencion saludos atte raul muela
alan75035 1
Size matters not.
That's what she said.
Size does matter in the airline business. When an airplane fails any test on the ramp or at the hanger and 300 people are waiting to board for their trip you want an airline that has multiple aircraft as backup.Check the you tube about the airline passengers missing their flights because of maintenance or a delay of a flight because of NO SPARES for their flight.
File this article under "Who Cares?" Size is not the matrix that matters to the consumer or Wall Street.
AWAAlum 2
I wonder if it doesn't come into play when selecting which airline...personally I'd definitely choose a well known company over one I'd not heard of.
Edward Bardes 0
I always thought Delta was the world's largest airline.
Mike Collyer 3
Many ways to measure size.
Mike Boote 2
Also market capitalization
strickerje 1
For an airline, I’d say seat miles makes the most sense. Fleet size or number of flights would artificially inflate the size of the regionals, and market cap is often based on nothing more than speculation (just look at most of the tech industry).
Edward Bardes 1
Yeah, there's the number of planes, number of destinations, number of passengers, etc.
But definitely NOT the best.
Anton1 0
What a crap article, AA still has the most planes according to the table in the article so that's what still makes them the largest!
strickerje 2
There are several ways to measure an airline’s size, but I’d say seat miles makes the most sense. Fleet size or number of flights would artificially inflate the size of the regionals compared to the majors.
Kevin Clerkin 0
Aeroflot in Russia, every thing is government owned. I think they even count the "Flies".
AWAAlum 0
So, size does matter?


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