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30 cancelled Swoop flights leave customers bitter. Will passenger rights coming Monday help?

The abrupt cancellation of 30 Swoop flights over the first 10 days in July sparked anger and confusion, with some customers paying out-of-pocket to salvage travel plans. New federal air passenger protection regulations, which roll out Monday, aim to cut down on customer confusion by laying out clear compensation amounts and treatment standards for mishaps involving all airlines. But rules covering cancelled and delayed flights won't take effect until December. The regulations also face two… ( Más...

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if You take your chances with any "Fly-by-nite" airlines to obtain cheap prices you have got to expect this from time to time.Plan on having a back up flight to help you out of these situations. The major thing before you plane any flight DO YOUR HOMEWORK via the internet to find out about the reliability of the airline on the destination that is planed ,check out the weather in the area ( is your airline restricted via "cat" 1,2,3 landings ),etc. don't forget as an early STONES song goes "You don't always get what you want",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yea, You roll the dice on the cheap flights
sharon bias -1
A flight delayed or cancelled by weather? No problem. 30 flights cancelled for out-of-service planes, not really acceptable. If you don't keep track of your planes service schedule, that's scary. If you have that many problems on your planes at one time, that's more scary. This is why we get stuck having so much government regulation. The airlines can't seem to provide the most basic of self regulation. See 500+ posts at this site about the 737Max as another example.


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