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Boeing 737 Max crisis just got much worse

The Boeing max 737 series just got worse as Boeing is saying a new software won’t be available for testing until September of this year pushing a possible re entry in 2020. ( Más...

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william baker 1
I think it’s time to stop making the Boeing 737max and try to to fix the issues. Why one there not going to have any space left to park them and two they have to retrofit all these jets after they have a workable software.
Torsten Hoff 5
The problem is that Boeing has contractual obligations to deliver airplanes to customers. If they stop making them they will fall behind on their delivery schedules and incur financial penalties. Once the fix for the software is approved, it should be relatively quick to update the aircraft waiting to be delivered.

But whether Boeing wants to pause production or not, it won’t be long before they have to — there simply won’t be any place left to park them.
william baker 1
True but if that doesn’t happen until next year we’re are they going to store them. There making what 40 737s a month
Frank Harvey 1
But what about the other end of the Supply Chain ? What happens to all the contractors and sub-contractors making the components and assemblies that are shipped to Boeing for assembly ? If Boeing stops assembling do they have to stop production and how will their finances be affected ?

And if a supplier of a single source part has to pass QC standards and that supplier loses critical qualified personnel, or even worse goes out of business, how will that affect Boeing production when they restart the line ?
william baker 1
Yes another good point. Yes lets keep buidling them and getting them ready for delivery. However where are they going to store them in a month or two from now. Right now i understand there using parking lots because they dont have anymore space on the ramp. Yes they can fly them to other airports but sooner or later those airports are going to be full. And just in a 1 in a 100,000 chance that the plane never flies again. Then what??
rapidwolve 1
I know the crew @ Spirit AeroSystems are taking a hell of a kicking..the guys are taking pay drops and shorter work weeks, this just after increasing the output Boeing needed.
AviationScott 0
Keep in mind that although not kosher to even mention, one of the potential yet remote outcomes is that the aircraft will not be released to fly again and meaning, those already produced and/or delivered would be scrap metal.


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