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FAA mandates changes to Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday said it was mandating new flight control software and parts to Boeing Co's 787 Dreamliner to address what it called an unsafe operating condition of certain products on the plane. The FAA's new airworthiness directive was prompted by a finding that certain areas in the 787's tire and wheel "threat zones" could be susceptible to damage, resulting in the loss of braking and steering power on the ground at certain… ( Más...

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Mike Lynn 13
The FAA is doing a CYA in light of their laissez faire approach on the 737 MAX. This 787 notice is nothing but a "housekeeping" exercise for the FAA as Boeing long ago make the fixes. The 737 problems are the ones needing resolution.

Boeing's Mullenberger talks to stockholders and still seems to think the 30 minute iPad program is enough to get pilots up to speed on the MCAS. My belief is that Boeing at this point, should be bending over backwards to be absolutely sure pilots understand MCAS and that would mean mandated simulator time to test out the stall characteristics of the MCAS system. Costly? Yes, but it would show Boeing not as a penny pincher but as a responsible corporate citizen making sure that their MAX is fully understood by those who will fly it.
lynx318 1
Boeing can't go any further until FAA approve the software fixes and pilot training mods, it's in FAA's hands at the moment still.
Bryant Mook 1
Too bad engineers don't have more of a say the company's accountants would sell their soul for a quarter.
lynx318 3
FAA late to the party again it seems, if I'm reading that correctly, Boeing have already dealt with the problem on all existing craft and in those being built.
Tomer Ariav 2
I hoped that it would mandate new and wider seats in the crowded economy section
Ray MacMillan 3
I’ve got to say that I will be afraid of flying in any of the newer models that Boeing has produced, especially the Max line. If I do have a choice to fly with a company that does not use these aircraft I will go that route, if I can delay or change to avoid I will. The biggest reason is that it appears to me that Boeing has put profitability ahead of safety and the bigger problem is that no one will be personally held liable because thay all get to hide behind the corporate shield, that is such a shame. If the actual people who make the final decisions are held liable this would not be as big of a problem for the public but these corporate heads still make tens of millions per year even after their product kills hundreds of people in separate events, shame on the governments who allow this. They use only one sensor to decide whether or not this aircraft will dive or continue straight and level. This is putting profit over safety and they knew it!
Jim Mitchell 1
Shenghao Han -9
Seems Reuters have no new “Soemthing is wrong with Boeing” things to report... so they posted this old “news” to stay relevant...

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USA752 11
linbb I hope you realize you are actually the troll...
Did you have a look at the date before commenting? It says May first, 2019....
btweston -1


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