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Portuguese fighters to scramble second time for another airplane in emergency in less than 24 hours

Lisbon - Fighters took off from Monte Real air base, Leiria, to give support a Boeing 737 aircraft from the Dutch airline Transavia that declared emergency after taking off from Funchal. ( Más...

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Marcus Lara 1
That was a maintenance issue, they have ailerons inverted command, they coul not figure it out til they learned how to fly the acft in that conditions. Not after few tuneaus and lost and gain altitude
paul gilpin 1
even after reading the referenced article, i still thought this was going to be about the portuguese boxing team getting bumped from their charter or something.
Gary Bain 1
Why the hell would they consider ditching for a pressurization problem??? Some missing from this picture.
Ken McIntyre 1
Must of been something more involved.
Ken McIntyre 1
"...The pilots of flight KC1388 first considered making an emergency landing at sea, but it was finally possible to reach the airport of Beja, 150 kilometers southeast of Lisbon..."
Gary Bain 1
Over pressurization?
On 11 November, an Air Astana Embraer ERJ-190LR (P4-KCJ) from Lisbon Airport to a currently unknown destination as KC1388 declared a “Mayday” with loss of instruments. Took this from an article just above this one on this squawks.


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