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2 Jet Pilots Aborted Take-Off In Riyadh. Plane Was Not Even On Runway

Mumbai: On Friday, a Jet Airways flight was not even on the runway when it tried to take off from the Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia. Its two pilots are close to losing their flying licence after they allegedly attempted take-off from a taxiway instead of the runway, endangering nearly 150 on board. Aviation sources have told NDTV that the taxiway, which runs parallel to the designated runway, had not been properly mapped into the plans of Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport. The… ( Más...

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bacfo 9
The news guy said it was a NEW taxiway under construction, so maybe NOT lighted yet and maybe not on the 10-9 chart either, it was at night so without lights on the taxiway under construction I can see an issue, either way both pilots missed it and could have been a tragedy, glad no one was hurt.
Highflyer1950 3
Like I said, “no lights, no go”!
James Derry 0
If it’s not lighted, then it’s not a runway. Geez, even the taxi chart on my iPad would sort of indicate I wasn’t on a runway.
Peter Steitz 3

No lights, wrong runway and they still tried to takeoff. FO says "no lights" but it was too late. The runway was too short and all were killed except the FO.

These kinds of errors are more frequent than you might think but you don't hear about them because there was no accident.
Chris B 2
Wouldn't trust them even to drive a super tug after that stupid error. FO knew yet failed to stop the TO.
Highflyer1950 3
Lighting : Taxiways Blue, Runway White! No light, no go! Wonder if ac was equipped with RAAS?
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Equipment in the cockpit was of inferior quality - the pilots ...
SoNic67 1
"The aircraft accelerated with full take-off power and exceeded the taxiway onto unpaved area...," said the Saudi statement.

It's amazing that airplane didn't have a worse fate.
ken young 1
It appears there are two versions of this story.
Bob Keeping 1
Airport layouts are more confusing than you think from the cockpit. ATC is seldom helpful on the ground
People really seem to frown on this.......
"An official of aviation regulator DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) had said that the pilots aborted take-off after they were informed about a "barrier" on the runway. The plane veered off the runway due to "sudden stopping", the official had earlier said, before the Saudi aviation authorities put out their version."

So was it a runway or a taxiway?

So, is the DGCA not a "Saudi aviation authority"?

This story makes no sense.
Peter Steitz 1
I see some new posts that bring in politics. Please take this to another blog. This is for aviators.
Lloyd Sharp 0
This is how foreign airlines operate.
It is stuff like this, that make flying outside of the U.S. dangerous.
Iraqi Air pilots fighting in the cockpit. China Air almost landing in the grass at Chicago O'hare.
And these guys attempting a takeoff from a taxiway.
You can't make this stuff up.
Pete48y 2
Don't forget the Asian airliner (747) that actually took off on runway Kilo I mean taxiway kilo at Anchorage international airport a few years back.
David Aaron 1
Don't forget about the Canadians at SFO.
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
Here is my half cent
Don't be too proud of US way of flying ..... Humans all over are same, with minor variations ,
FAA is all about USA and so so is NTSB .... their territorial jurisdiction is co-terminus with US territory !
Yes, the aviation authorities all over the world look up to these two agencies for two reasons, as I perceive them ,
Due to vast resources these agencies are capable to set standards of safe flying, primarily for USA and other countries my emulate or adapt these standards ...
These agencies are made to work in "over drive" mode , thanX to American way of flying , variety wise and volume wise ... and accordingly a large data bank is created to formulate safe flying .. for USA. In comparison, Agencies of other countries neither have the resources nor the data bank to set standards of safe flying and / or investigation ...
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
... "This is how foreign airlines operate.
It is stuff like this, that make flying outside of the U.S. dangerous." ...

Really ? How about hundreds of incidents / accidents that happen on American soil ?

Are U not being xenophobic ?
Like the Nazis ?

When will U stop hating the world ?
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
For Ur eyes Lloyd Sharp

No room in US for neo-nazism: Ivanka
Er.A.K. Mittal -2
When will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?
—Pete Seeger, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”
patrick baker -5
this ought to cost them cockpit duties for ever , and should serve warning to all pilots with something on their minds other than the task at hand. These guys win the Aztec Lucky Virgin COntest for this week....
Minivation -1
SIA Flight 6 much? Except the weather this time was perfectly fine...
Karl Schneider -3
Much ado about nothing. I used to take off and land using a taxiway all the time at a certain Texas airport, it was 2 miles long like the runway and well paved. It was also half a mile closer to the FBO we used.
Lloyd Sharp 4
You can do that kinda stuff in a 172-- but if you are operating a turbine powered aircraft
You can't do stuff like this
A taxiway doesn't have all the necessary protection and construction as a runway.
I used to fly the Bush in Alaska,
And you should have seen the crazy places I landed, and took off from.
A PROFESSIONAL pilot (crew)
Would not even entertain the idea of doing something this stupid.
Peter Steitz 1
I hope it was "used to". Must have been a non-towered airport but 2 miles long?
sensfan2513 1
Possibly an old military field converted to civilian use?
Peter Steitz 2
Good point. Might be one of the old Air Force training bases like where I trained in the Air Force.


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