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Plane makes emergency landing in Prescott after running out of fuel

A plane bound for Prescott from the Los Angeles area was forced to make an emergency landing after it ran out of fuel late Tuesday night, according to the Prescott Police Department. (snip)A Malibu Piper single nose-prop aircraft landed in the middle of the road and was carrying three individuals, said police. The pilot told police that the plane had run out of fuel, forcing the landing. ( Más...

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djames225 5
Ok I have a question or 2..when this doorbell pilot said no fuel, was he looking at the fuel guage or just assuming because it started to be fuel starved..if it was the former, I have a pair of glasses, a Piper flight manual, a tennis racket to give a smack to the back of the head and the phone number to a pilot flight school..if the later..same!
While any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. However I would call this a crash.
sparkie624 3
LOL, I would agree.... It is going to take a lot more than Spit and Polish to get this one back in the air!
bbabis 4
At least 1 stupid and three lucky. Either left with insufficient fuel or didn’t check caps. Being a night flight called for even more caution and fuel reserves.
Landing on a main roadway, 9:12 pm, Tuesday night, 1/2 mile from a WalMart shopping center, what could possibly go wrong?
Lucio DiLoreto 3
Stupid. Piper claims 1450 mile range for their Malibu. Google gives about 360 mile distance from LAX to Prescott, AZ. Did this idiot leave LAX with fuel tanks almost empty? Then cause an accident on the highway while attempting to land short of the airport? Moron.
Flew 333 miles.
Passengers survive after aircraft clips light pole and flips on roadway
linbb -5
Kind of said that in the story but thanks for the update.


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