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British Airways Begins Daily A380 Service to Boston Logan - Windy Whale Makes Beantown Debut

British Airways has served Logan with 777s, 747s, and 787s, but today was the first day scheduled A380 service started, with "Speedbird 213 Super" doing the honors. Go to 8:55 for the touchdown, this is shaky, someone forgot their tripod, better images for the taxi portion. We're all excited in Boston to have BA, EK, and eventually LH come in with 380s; the team has built a whole new terminal wing just for this on the Northwest side of Terminal E. ( More...

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It's not a daily service - it'll be three days a week. Although it is such a cool bird to watch!
Jeff Carey 3
Who flies because their personal design criteria says so?
The BA A380 arrival in to BOS last Sun was a real milestone. I am wondering why MassPort only installed two jetways versus other airports like LAX have three dedicated for the A380?
I hope Logan can handle the traffic -not worried air traffic as much as getting people through customs. It's a pain when few large planes land there at the same time...
alma tonini 1
I don't see the excitement about the A380. The differece is only more people to deal with a different stages.
Arrival in the US' big airports is a nightmare no matter what. Most of the times one misses connection for the lines at customs. The bigger the aircraft the longer the lines. So why are certain Bostonians so happy about the huge bird?
On board is the usual. Terrible in Economy, half way decent in Business.. That' s flying today.
GraemeSmith 1
Better at
That is great service!
paul gilpin 1
water cannons?

water pistols.
John OLeary -1
Adding gates can't cure ugly. Boeing is better. I'll take the 777.
Dave Frandin 2
hehe reminds me of the "If it aint Boeing, I aint going..." That damn thing is just too freaking big...
Ian Deans 2
Ugly it may be, but it is certainly better to fly on than anything else...777 included.
matt jensen 0
Boeing used to be pretty when it relied on 747's. Now all are just ugly.
From the inside the A380 with 18 inch seats looks a lot better than a B777 with 17 inch seats.
brian Gaskill 5
Seat configuration is the airline...while flying on the 380 would be fun, imo, it is an ugly aircraft.
Chris B 6
Having relied on 777 and 747 for thirty plus years over the Atlantic, I'm really taken by the Norwegian 787 out of Boston. Infinitely superior to 747 and 777. Its called progress.
Looking forward to a flight in the A380, just because its going to be available.
I agree it's ugly from the outside, and I know the configuration is the airline, but I've never travelled anywhere while sitting on the wing to look at the beauty of the aircraft. I loved the B777 when it first came out with 9 across seating, but by now almost all airlines use 10 across seating, some with extreme high density layout. For example, Air France has B773s with 468 passenger seats!

The only time I rode on an A380 was from CDG to YUL, I had a seat on the upper floor where Air France has a small economy cabin with only 42 seats and it was a very quiet ride, plus excellent service, that's why I maintain my opinion. I prefer the pregnant whale-like looking A380 over a sardine-can like configured B777.
matt jensen 5
I'll take any four engine jet.
alma tonini 2
we always travel with Air France, business class, and their service don't compare with any other air line.The hotelier school goes a long way, They are professional to the max, even in the less prestigious flights( Paris- Bangkok e.i.) the food is always good, the cabin crew first rate
On YUL to CDG Air France has gone down a lot, they are trying to compete with the low cost airlines by cutting service and seat space. I now try to avoid them.
paul gilpin 1
i was unaware the aircraft manufacturer specified the seating configuration. good to know.
No Paul, the seat configuration is specified by the airline, that's why you have for example Turkish Airlines with 9 across seating in economy of their B777, (even after a recent cabin overhaul), and most other airlines with 10 across now. Another example is Japan Airlines with 8 across seating on their B787, and all other airlines that I know of have 9 across seating.


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