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Three years on and five reasons why MH370 pilot didn’t do it

It's far too easy, and rather silly, to blame MH370 on one or both pilots ( Más...

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linbb 3
Let it go guy this has been hashed to death and needs to stop quit posting fake news.
jonchamps 2
I can think of five reasons why it was the pilot. It's not BBC style to write this way so it's a speculation based on hearsay.
william hunt 2
Speculation to the cause of this dreadful tragedy, doesn't prove one way or the other why this aircraft disappeared. The answers & proof of what happened, lye within the aircraft itself & until such time that it is recovered & examined we will not know what happened.
Gully Gypsum 1
I find this article to be valuable in many respects. Right now informed speculation is the best way to prevent another aircraft loss. Clearly many of the issues around poor maintenance and engineering of the aircraft windshields is well documented. The conventional media botched their "investigation" given the excellent data presented here.
patrick baker 0
this is not fake news, but I can't tell if this is written by Fox (er-fixed )News or the BBC or CNN. I mean that as a scholarly explaination, this seems plausible, but the recovery of the cockpit will end all speculation. This has made little sense since the night of the flight and disappearance, and I still have not read something that says to me "that could be it".. But, this is documented and is a tale woven to make a point, and I am thinking hard about this.
matt jensen 0
Anything from MM or MSM is pretty much fake and has been for decades. That includes Fox. They just throw up on a wall and see what sticks. You're supposed to decide. Real journalists - you know the one's with a degree in journalism from a reputable school of journalism don't report in this fashion. They do their due diligence.


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