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United Flights Grounded Nationwide Due to Computer Issues

System-wide computer issues delayed United Airlines flights in Chicago and around the country on Wednesday. ( More...

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Tom Lyons 2
So, that's what? Two outages each for Delta and United in the last eight months?

Not good.
Delta had two, one of them was only for a night though.
But an outage is an outage so...
It's the Libyans!- Doc Brown
I've been on board a United Flight for three of these - just a few weeks ago in Denver, LAX just to get to Vegas in Nov, or Dec. And the worse one a few years back at SFO during a world-wide shut down, as aircraft kept coming in with no departures - IT HEADS MUST be rolling ! ... again
gamage2 1
Get rid of the old junk and buy some new computers!
Jeff Pollock 0
obviously I have no evidence to support such a claim, but the fact that these outages have been isolated to only United & Delta, and also due to the fact that they have both been in close proximity has to make one begin to consider potential malicious interference


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