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A flight from Canada to the US

IFR procedures explained in detail. An IFR flight in a Mooney Ovation as part of a ferry flight from Europe to Florida. ( Más...

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joel wiley 11
Always a pleasure, often a treasure. Good to see you again.
Guido Warnecke 5
Thank you, Joel!
Happy Landings,
ToddBaldwin3 7
It's always a pleasure to watch your videos.
Guido Warnecke 5
Thank you, Todd.
Hope you don't watch them at work :-)
Happy Landings,
SmokedChops 5
GUIDO!!! Love your work - very informative!!Your professionalism in the cockpit serves young and young at heart aviators! Bravo!
bentwing60 4
Kudos to a pros pro. Been sayin it for years, "it ain't about the clubs". When you do it this well, you can do it in anything. And I'd sit to his right anytime. Cheers.
Guido Warnecke 3
Thank you!
Happy Landings,
bruce barton 3
Having served in the USAF at Loring,ME (PQI) and being a Mooney driver myself , I was impressed by your Labrador to US travel video..professionalism at its finest and nicely produced...bravo!
bentwing60 2
A Mooney is a pilots airplane. Kinda like a Learjet, only slower. And it won't land either if you are 15 over ref.
rmchambers 3
There's always something new to learn and incorporate into your own flying when watching one of Captain Warnecke's youtube videos. Precise handling, CRM, dealing with unusual things, even seasoned pilots benefit by watching. What I admire most is when a mistake is made, it's not edited out but is pointed out and the resolution remarked upon. WE ALL learn from that!

Look up his other videos, there's plenty to while away your time that will keep you entertained and learning.
Neil Klapthor 3
Very interesting! I'm not that familiar with small aircraft (I was in the B-52.....whiskey compass and a sextant ;-) ) and it is fascinating to see the sophistication of the instrumentation of these small birds. Thanks for that.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Pilot or Naviguesser?
Neil Klapthor 4
Naviguesser. If you're not familiar with the BUFF's crew make up, the "offensive team" is comprised of a two man team, navigator and radar navigator (radar navigator being SAC nomenclature for the bombardier). The junior member (usually a Lieutenant or junior Captain) of the team starts out as the navigator and sits in the right seat. After gaining the required experience and hours in that position, he then goes to an upgrade school to move into the left seat and becomes a radar navigator primarily responsible for all bomb and missile delivery. An interesting note not many are aware of...their seats eject downward.
John Chamblis 2
Great Video.
ralph Andrews 2
Not being a pilot but wanting to be, I do thank you for these videos, so interesting...


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