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AA plane in fume incident has had same reported issue three times in the past six weeks.

The "dirty socks" odor that sent seven cabin crew members to hospital has had the same odor issue reported seven times in the past six weeks. American Airlines is now investigating the Airbus Aircraft. ( More...

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The dirty sock smell is a common issue in aircraft pressurized by bleed air. Probably a failed oil seal in either the APU or one of the engines. The irony of the photo is that the 787 is the first airliner to not use bleed air for pressurization. Leave it to the press...
ar4479 2
There's nothing quite like the smell of MD80 bleed air.
I still love getting on an MD80 and smelling that old familiar smell, that's getting less and less common, as the days go by...
dee9bee 10
In 21,000 hours, I only had to declare an emergency three times. Two were on the MD80 when, during climbout, the cockpit and cabin started to fill with a thin white smoke as I think you are describing. Of course, the smoke dissipates when the power is pulled back to return to the airport. After shutting down at the gate, nothing gets a passenger's attention more than someone in a silver suit entering the cabin to visit the cockpit!
ar4479 1
Oh - I wasn't describing an emergency situation... I was just talking about the unique smell of AAL's MD-80s. It's a mix of bleed air, stale exhaust, old leather and fabric full of farts, and a million other things. It's kinda like that "new car smell".

I used to fly 80s at least 8 times a week... They're mostly gone now, replaced by A321s and 738s.

Funny enough, the equipment for my 1st leg of KAUS/KDFW on Monday morning shows to be an MD-83. We'll see if that holds.
dee9bee 2
I'd call it 'OLD car smell', but that's OK :-) After a dozen years off the '80, I happened to ride on a short leg, LAS-LAX on one, so I know what you mean. Brought back memories.
bentwing60 6
I'd rather sit in the front of damn near "anything" than the back of an MD. Hate em. Have a buddy flyin for AA and a Mad Dog nut. Passed over a Boeing upgrade to stay in it long ago. He's among the top 10 on trip 7 seniority list now, and I haven't asked him lately, but I bet he wouldn't want to go back. Just sayin. As for the smog, if you smell it, there is a maintenance issue somewhere in the woods. I'll leave the floor to Sparkie.
mikeNY 3
"The health and welfare of our crews and customers continues to be our top priority at American Airlines," American said in a statement to ABC News. "We take cabin odor issues seriously ..."
Apparently AA didn't take it seriously enough the first 3 times it was reported.
Health and welfare of customers becomes a top priority ... after 4 reports, and interest from the media.

Normally I blame the "rotund" woman in the seat next to me for any odors....
So sad. You cite Airbus in your lead but when you click on "more" the first thing you see is a Boeing 787. What are you trying to tell the reader? This is miss-leading journalism.
joel wiley 2
I think a better description is journalistic malpractice. The writer claims a BS in journalism
Aaron Whaley 1
And we all know what BS is...

True journalism has almost become a lost art. It used to take accuracy, facts, research and decent command of language.
joel wiley 1
Now volume trumps researched facts.
btweston 0
It's all part of a secret plan to hide Hillary Clinton's emails.
So, the craft in question is an A330...the image is that of a B787....then "None of the 89 passengers on the flight required medical attention"...well...duh, the PAX cant get Work Comp and on and on......
skylab72 1
Mold in bleed air plumbing...
Mike Williams 1
The health and welfare of our crews and customers continues to be our top priority at American Airlines," American said in a statement to ABC News-----
Sounds like a statement from Mad Men 101.
We all know their top priority is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
joel wiley 1
Ron Kyburz 0
I'm surprised that Airbus was even mentioned.
mikeike 0
No 787's operate from KCLT to KMCO..


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