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World's Second Airworthy B-29!

May 20th, 2016, Wichita, KS, Today the FAA handed over the airworthiness certificate to "DOC". Doc is a B-29 that rolled of the assembly line in Wichita, Ks in March of 1945. After years serving in Non-Combat roles, Doc was sentence to China Lake for target practice. Rescued in 1998, Doc was transported back to Wichita for restoration. As of today, May 20th, 2016; Doc was finally presented with a new Airworthiness Certificate. From first start to first taxi, and soon to be first… ( Más...

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Josiah Julin 3
It sure would be neat to see Fifi and Doc in formation. How about it #CAF?
Bob Hackney 2
ND the B-25 Grumpy were all here a KPAE (Paine Field, Everett, WA) during the Historic Flight Foundation's Vintage Aircraft Weekend in August 2016.
Bob Hackney 2
I guess the earlier portion of my post did not make it. "I previously made this comment re; an earlier B-29 Doc restoration post "..that it would be GREAT if Doc & FIFI were to visit KPAE (Paine Field, Everett, WA) & fly with the B-25 Grumpy during the Historic Flight Foundation's Vintage Aircraft Weekend in August 2016" Grumpy's home base at the HFF!!!!
John Nicholas 2
I am an Australian living in the U.K. but I was at an airshow at Anoka MN in 2009, and a B29 and B19 were there. I guess the B29 was Fifi because it certainly wasn't trucked in. I was in a train once travelling down the East Coast line in England when I looked out the window and saw that we were being paced by an Avro Lancaster bomber at 1000 ft. That was fun.
Gregg Morrow 2
What a georgeous piece of history that you have resurrected from the gates of helll. I thank all of you who had a hand in putting this piece of art back in the air and providing us all a sense of pride and to never forget the past 👍
Tom Trainor 2
Wonderful! Sort of a sword turned into a magnificent plowshare - 50 years later! What a beautiful airplane.
strickerje 1
I recall seeing the other one ('Fifi') at an airshow back in 2002 and being told the second one would be ready soon... Glad to see they managed to get it done!
skylab72 1
Congrats to the DOC team from the FIFI team, Great work!


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