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First US-built American A321 completes maiden flight

The first Airbus A321 aircraft, produced for American Airlines at the Airbus US Manufacturing Facility, has flown for the first time. On April 19, Airbus said the A321 “took off from the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley in Mobile, Alabama, at 1:32 p.m. CDT, performed its test sequences, and landed safely at approximately 5:10 p.m. CDT.” ( Más...

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Bravo Alabama/Airbus/AA, hope to fly in one of these US made Birds pretty soon!
reg barnsdale 2
So proud for Mobile and the US. On my first XC, I T&G at Brookley (BFM), so I feel some personal pride as well!
Mike Harbour 0
Let's hope these turn out better than the first Mercedes SUVs that were built in 'Bama way back when...
Peter Blouin -2
I recall when American Airlines had a campaign to go to an ALL BOEING FLEET! Shame on American for not staying with a US company like Boeing exclusively! Remember the slogan: "I ain't going unless it's Boeing"!
Ian Deans 3
Oh come on! An airline buys what it thinks is best for it, and in American's case, like just about every other airline in the world reckons Airbus products are pretty damn good. Some 12000 A320 family plane orders tell the story.
Geoff Cook 3
But it was made by American workers! Of course Boeing jets are not all exclusively American either..
To me, the main difference is who's in charge of the aircraft...the pilot, or the computer?
Peter Blouin 1
"Fly by wire" Airbus -vs- "traditional yoke" by Boeing....
Guess you ain't ever going!!!
American ceased being an all Boeing fleet years ago when they got Embraer and Bombardier aircraft.

Remember that competition is healthy for everyone, consumers and airlines alike. Without it you end up with poor overpriced products. Competition naturally brings innovation.

You need to add to that tired old slogan: "I ain't going many places any more if it ain't Boeing".
Mike Harbour 1
Well, unless it's on legacy Southwest birds...still all Boeing!


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