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BA274 in Bomb hoax diverted

A British Airways flight travelling from Las Vegas to London Heathrow has been diverted to Montreal after reports of a bomb threat. Photographs taken from the airport show a dozen police cars racing to flight BA274, carrying 312 passengers, which made an emergency landing at Trudeau Airport in Dorval at 5.47am local time. Montreal police and British Airways said the pilot made a request to land the plane following an 'emergency' during the flight. Read more:… ( More...

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Ron Goes 1
Aircraft still on ground at CYUL; yet the flightaware shows the aircraft continuing on to Heathrow. On the Central De-ice pad now.

Jeff Lawson 1
Diverted flight
Joyce Heilich 1
That flight flies over my house every night around 9:30pm at approx. 8000 feet. Very grand and noisy.


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