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Air India co-pilot beats up captain inside cockpit

Amid rising aviation safety concerns over pilots' mental health, an Air India aircraft's cockpit witnessed some tense scenes between the captain and his deputy at Jaipur on Sunday evening just before the Airbus A-320 was to take off for Delhi. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 3
Didn't this same fight in the pointy end happen just two months ago in Madras? No wonder pilots don't show up for AI recruiting open house.

Management needs to gets both oars in the water and pull at the same time. There is no excuse for allowing an atmosphere where this is the end result.
Kevin Romero 2
Isn't this like the the third or so incident where crew-members were in physical altercations? One comes to mind where maybe a captain knocked out an FO and cancelled a flight.
I think most American companies have a policy to terminate the initial physical aggressor if known. It makes all but the ignorant think twice before popping a fellow employee.
Kim Frazier 2
This wouldn't be tolerated in an office, shouldn't be tolerated in the air. If I ever see two pilots fighting like that...I am getting off the plane. He should be suspended without pay. Assuming this is true as written.
Allan Ullyett 2
And how will you get off at 30.000 feet?
linbb 1
Not supposing the way that airline is run. Oh well another day at the fights.
Zuri Smith 1
Oops 'East'
John Ramsey 1
Just what the industry needs after Eurowings, more trouble on the flight deck.
Frank Harvey -1
Air India's crews have experienced tension when a lower caste Captain gives orders to an FO or Purser from a higher caste. The Captain should be sensitive to Indian societal norms and suitably deferential in making his request.
Gael Arnold 3
You are/must be joking, right? Whatever the Class, put it aside the Captain is the Senior in the position.
babyracer 2
HELL NO!! The captain has four bars and the FO has but three for a reason, regardless of caste/culture that very fact must be respected by all. Plain and simple.
robert larkin 2
The ancient caste system, together with other oriental systems and some religeous practices, have no place anywhere in aviation, let alone the cockpit. As a former military flying instructor I've had to ground students who were observing Ramadam.
I only fly with airlines of the modern western world.

Zuri Smith 1
I am in total agreement with you.
A friend in the Middle Rast was instructing members of the royal family. A great deal of pressure was placed on my friend to pass the students irrespective of their avoation skills. There is no room for politics, cultural sensitivities or the Asian custom of 'saving face' in aviation. The sooner those people are terminated, the better.
Max Simmons 2
Absolutely you must be joking. With respect to all Indian people, you can't run a 21st Century. airline and hang onto notions of caste in the cockpit.
Never gonna fly with that mob.
Margeaux K -1
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Co-Pilot Accused of Hitting Pilot Before Takeoff

With nerves still frayed from last month's Germanwings crash, this latest incident may not expedite a return to calm. Unnamed sources say that the co-pilot of an Air India plane physically abused the pilot after an argument over paperwork last night—and that they then proceeded to take off like nothing had happened, the Times of India reports.


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