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A fascinating view into the US Air Force boneyards

You can zoom in this 48-megapixel image of the USAF boneyard in Tucson, Arizona—stitched from Bing Maps satellite images—and try to identify all those airplanes. Or you can watch this USAF documentary on how the US stockpiles thousands of planes in deserts around the country to keep the active fleet flying.* ( More...

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I'd be willing to take a C-5, 130 or 141 off their hands, to turn into my house !!
That would be awesome.
In this image, the main road one third down and to the left, one can see what appears to be a loose collection of older planes. I took a bus tour through this place in 2013 and the guide talked about the management establishing a "museum row" of the last of the types that have been processed. A very interesting place. The tour is run by the Pima County Museum, which is across the street. The Pima Museum and the boneyard are worth a day.
Andrew Wilson 1
Just a day? I am imagining spending at least two, walking a marathon probably. ;)
Rod Fuller 2
Would be incredible if there was a mashup with labels for each type of plane!
oowmmr 1
That is excellent, I'll visit PIMA.
Rod Fuller 1
Anybody notice that as you get closer, a whole bunch of planes disappear? I wonder which is the newer picture?
preacher1 1
Well it took 70 days to get Ghost Rider, the BUFF, into flyable condition to get it to Barksdale. I'll tell my age as I don't know when the name change was made, but in 1968, instead of AMARG, the Boneyard was MASDC, for Military Aircraft Storage & Disposition Center, but the mission was still the same, cept they just didn't have the F4's, c5's and C141's in there as they were still very much flying and just the very early models of the BUFF's. SAC was still going strong then and there were quite a few still flying.LOL
Absolutely fantastic interesting movie,keep making and showing them ,and could I just say to the Poster CHALET at least you can see where your tax payers money is going where I come from its used
to bail out Bankers.................
chalet -2
Could anyone of you put a number not of the aircraft at this base but the amount of tax money dollars spent (some say wasted to a certain degree) over the years in all thee and many other planes not at the site. I be that the nuber of Zeroes would not fill into this box. And the Air Force types and the Navy Types nev3er stop asking for more and more gazzillions of dollars, their apetite for nedw toys never stops, in fact it grows exponentially. No wonder that our National Debt is about 17 TRILLION, equal to the nation's GNP for 2014 and counting.
One must remember these planes have served in many conflicts over the years and have become obsolete. Now there are a few, the B-52s for example, are being held for replacements that may be needed in the active fleet. The A-10s have been reactivated, and some of the A-10s stored here may once again go burning sand. A lot of the planes are sold off to other nations as spares for their fleets as well. I would not look at this as the cause of the national debt, but rather the worn tools from failed policies of the warmongers in Congress. Remember, if our military is asked to go to war, and only Congress can declare war, the kids need the best of what we can produce.
chalet 0
And what about the cozy and sometimes questionable relationship between the weapons industry, a.k.a. merchants of death, and DOD about which a great soldier and a great patriot as Gen. Eisenhower was warned the country as he was leaving office on Jan 20, 1961.
Congress is trying to buy weapon systems that the DOD does not want. Look for the problem where it really is. End of Debate.
chalet -1
Don't leave the debate, you don't have the last word. Indeed Congressmen force weapons aquisitions by DOD to favor their constituent manufacturers and this is bad enough, but worse is DOD types inventing every so often all sorts of gaps whether they exist or not; remember the bomber-gap in the 50s, then the nuclear bomb-gap, the satellite-gap, the Early Warning-gap, the ICBM-gap, the machine gun-gap, the sling-shot gap. All in all both are to be blamed. OK
vin herman -1
Omg! Are you late for a democrat convention or what? Get off the soapbox or wash the "wasted' road salt off me car!!, jeez us, PLEASE US!!
ken young 1
Dont forget. What you are looking at are shells. The electronics, usable engines and parts are all harvested and recycled and sold off to nations that still use these aircraft.
One other thing of note. The aircraft parts are worth more than an assembled aircraft.
Ryan Vince 2
I was just there the other day. Many of the aircraft can be returned to service within a few weeks if they are not completely obsolete. The ones that are completely phased out are parted out or sold to other countries.
vin herman -1
All that "wasted" money???! That is WHY we won the COLD WAR, Barack


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