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United Considering 10-Abreast 777 Retrofits

United Airlines is considering creating a high-density Boeing 777 subfleet with 10 seats across--rather than nine--in regular economy class and a smaller than usual business class cabin, Aviation Week has learned. ( Más...

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CaptainFreedom 4
You could put all seats on a movable track, and have them move in an elliptical pattern around the fuselage interior. Overhaed bins could be replaced by a big bin/dumpster in the middle where everyone throws their crap. I believe that you could potentially get 20+ seats per row.
Tom Bruce 4
one more reason to drive, take the train, or stay home... flew every other week for 20 years... last 10 were not pleasant even though I was almost always upgraded... now, I dread flying and avoid whenever possible
They are not thinking they will fit Americans in these seats do they? I mean, not Americans. Possibly these will be flights from Australia and places where morbid obesity is not the norm...
Daniel Baker 3
Unfortunately this is the direction that the entire industry is headed, so everyone should get used to it.
CaptainFreedom 2
Yep....we're all getting fatter....and seats are getting narrower....happy times!
s2v8377 5
Good more business for American and Delta!!! : )
jeff slack 0
More business for every carrier!

American carriers have lost the plot!
Lower fuel prices and now (!) extra seats!!
Apparently AA already has done this on their 773s
The seats on the 787s are not any wider than the 10 abreast seats on 777s.
Mark Lansdell 1
Maybe some actual demensions would help your comment and my understanding unless your just talking to yourself.
Ric Wernicke 2
Next half the Lav's will be fitted with PES and seatbelts and sold as "Ensuite Private Cabins."
Air France has used 10 abreast for their 777s on high volume routes with few business travellers for many years, and from personal experience on the Montreal - Paris run it is liveable. If I remember correctly the seats are 17.5 inches wide and the pitch is 31 inches. Of course 18 inches is better, but sometimes you have to compromise.
How are the people going to fit through the aisles?
CaptainFreedom 4
There would need to be a very long retractable conveyor belt used during planing and deplaning.
You guys can't have it both ways. Either you complain about high airfares and fees, or cramped airplanes. The cramped airplanes can make the airfares go down. On the other hand, more room can mean higher airfares.
joel wiley 3
More seats means more tickets and implies more revenue. Airfare reduction is not guaranteed.
That's why I said ". . .can make airfares go down." But if you look at the books of most major carriers you will see why they need to make any extra income they can.
jwmson 1
STUPID. Soon people will be unable to fly because no one can fit into the seat. Make the United senior mis-mangement always fly in these "new" seats.
Ricky Scott 0
They dont care, they always have their private jets.
paul trubits 1
joel wiley -1
ToddBaldwin3 1
Remind me not to fly United.
joel wiley 1
Don't fly <insert carrier>. Consider yourself reminded. You're welcome.
Ricky Scott 0
oooh Sardine cans.
They stack sardines head to tail. This may be the next big trends with the carriers!
The 1% up front really do not care about the fate of the 99% in the back of the bus. I will be interested to see how the "Premium Economy" continues to morph.
Ren Babcock 1
The 1% aren't upfront, they go private.
Have travelled in both first and economy on 777's. Choice of seating is always based upon duration of flight. To and from Asia[which I did last October-west bound to Singapore and return from Beijing] or the South Pacific from Florida begs First/Business Class if it can be afforded. Flying business class to Barcelona in October.
pdixonj -1
It's United's new "Cattle Class" (insert trademark here)"...not to be confused with the "new" American's "Compact Class" 777-300s. Instead of the f/a's ushering people down the aisle with their words during boarding, they'll be issued metal prods instead, maybe even electric ones for those especially problematic flights.
Ken McIntyre -2


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