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Refueling truck hits plane at Sea-Tac Airport

Swissport hydrant truck hit delta aircraft at seatac ( Más...

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sparkie624 3
A Non News Event... Must have been a slow news day in Seatle.

joel wiley 1
Maybe this is why dropping fuel prices aren't reflected in airfares?
preacher1 3
Didn't this happen to DAL back East somewhere else not long ago or was it somebody else?
sparkie624 2
I can quote dozens of times, one hit a CRJ-200 so hard both the Nose and Right main were off the ground. Winglet went inside of the fuel Truck and bent the wing spar... The plane was totaled... This one never made the news.
744pnf 1
AA MD-80 hit by crew bus at KDAL
joel wiley 1
AAL in Atlanta
preacher1 2
No, this was the Bus and AAL. I'm a thinkin' there was another fuel truck deal with DAL back East, at DTW maybe about 3 mos. ago. My not have been DAL or DTW; just flying on memory.
pdixonj 1
I thought that was a fuel truck striking an AA 757 engine at LAX in November or October.
steve rogers 1
amazing !! of all the places for someone to have a crash , an airport tarmac has to be one of most controlled in the world , yet some moron still manages to screw it up , oh gee !! I didn't see that huge engine there ? how did I miss that ?
acmi 1
LH MD80 freighter was popped by a fuel truck at JFK last fall. took an engine off the bird...
Slow news in Seattle


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