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Anatomy of a very bad 737-8 approach in Turkey

This is a terrific re-enactment of a 1/2009 crash while on an ILS. Controllers vectored it for a "slam dunk" approach - which would have been fine had the pilots been ready for it. They were not. There is much to be learned from this in terms of how to fly approaches from different intercept points on the localizer. I found it highly valuable. ( Más...

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Jesus Rivera 0
While the actual real life crash is sad in itself. this is a fantastic video reenactment.
Michael Kelly 0
I agree. Nobody finds anything good in the tragedy of a crash. We do normally learn some lessons from these incidents that can help prevent others. While watching this video you can almost feel the separation begin. This really is an excellent video to pass on to others if for nothing more than to remind them that little things mean a lot.
Max Perry 0
Nit-picking hat on here, the flight accident was in The Netherlands (Holland), coming from Turkey.

However, this accident, along with the recent two in India and Lybia demonstrate that flight training quality needs to be more stringent.
Mary Mitton 0
Six eyes in the cockpit. Nobody flying. This can happen when we become complacent with our automation. So sad.
S D Martin 0
Never been able to fly fully auto however I can see how this could happen. To much complacy


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