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Aviation Industry Pledges To Reduce 2050 Emissions To 2005 Levels

During the United Nations Climate Summit held last month, leading industry association in the aviation sector pledged to take action to implement several measures with an ultimate goal to bring down the sectoral emissions in 2050 to 2005 levels. The agreement was signed between the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airports Council International, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization, and the International Business… ( Más...

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Gene spanos 1
Wow! Most us won't be around by the year 2050 but we would hope that for the future generations --this too will prove to be worthy enough of being posted here today.
Jason Feldman 2
Good point -

I'm not gonna do a damn thing, I'll keep lining my pockets with millions and pass the buck onto my replacements grandson to achieve. After all, in the future science will fix all our problems. in the future we will all be in flying cars and cancer will be a thing of the past. LOL -

Pledge.... you can take that to the bank and cash it!

Who even agrees to write this story... it's worthless gibberish
canuck44 1
This is the aviation industry trying to cut the best deal they can to stave off the shakedown of their industry by governments and agencies that have demonstrated they can be bought off...which along with control is the goal of the whole effort. They are hoping by 2050, the whole fraud will be exposed and discredited with the statists moving onto another target to extract their tribute.

Unfortunately for the EU, these "misinformed individuals" described it exactly as it is: a carbon tax. The Russians, the Chinese, the Indians and the North Americans did not play nice with the EU bureaucrats and essentially shut down their plans. The Chinese went even further and stopped all purchases from AirBus sending a second message to the Europeans.

Now it just a matter of stalling the nonsense until a new target is found.
Jason Feldman 2
Every new-years I pledge to lose weight - pledge? Pledge????

Unless they are signing iron clad contracts this isn't even news worthy... pledge! BAHHHH

This "pledge" isn't worth the stiff wind that "fart" is wafting in
Bernie20910 1
Ah yes, the old "promise the moon and the stars, but put it off for as long as possible and hope no one remembers when the time comes" gambit.


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