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Virgin America Flight Bound For LAX Makes Emergency Landing In Omaha

LOS ANGELES ( — A Virgin America flight bound from Boston to Los Angeles was diverted Monday morning after a mid-air scare. Details surrounding the incident remained unclear; however, Flight 363 had to make an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska, the airline said. ( Más...

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Gene spanos 2
What is it with these people ( 10-96's )......take the train next time folks.
sparkie624 1
Hey guys... When you post a description, please post it for what the article says.... The first paragraph "A Virgin America flight bound to Los Angeles from Boston was diverted Monday morning after a passenger became agitated and had to be subdued."... There was NO MENTION of a MIDAIR... Very Bad Choice Of Words here...

On another note, Why is this news... The News Media is rally slow on news this week.
Bernie20910 2
It's very likely the story was edited after it got posted here. Note that it says, "...remained unclear..." More than likely, as more information became available, the site updated the story, but that of course does not change what had already been cut and pasted here.
Torsten Hoff 1
That is indeed what happened. I normally copy-and-paste the first paragraph or two verbatim (space permitting).
sparkie624 1
Good to hear... I hate when the news media jumps to conclusions.. I mean really... They have no maturity when posting an article... They need to be held accountable.


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