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Google unveils UAV parcel delivery concept

Google is continuing its journey into the world of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), as it introduces a parcel-delivery UAV prototype developed under its two-year Project Wing effort. The technology company is developing the concept through its Google X research division, and the announcement follows on from the company’s April 2014 acquisition of Titan Aerospace – a high-altitude, long endurance (HALE) solar-powered UAV manufacturer. ( Más...

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Doug Herman 2
Controlled or autonomous, drones are going to end up in controlled airspace and sooner or later (most likely sooner), people will die because of an encounter between them and real aircraft. This is a really bad idea.
Pa Thomas 2
This is a commercial for google, that is only marginally for a "delivery concept". Same for the endless trolling for Amazon using this type of fantasy. It is the same type of publicity Apple gets by trolling everyone with every brain cramp of a new toy they envision. Remember those mysterious "Google Barges" in various cities several months ago? Troll bait for columnists and bloggers to write breathless stories about "What does this all mean?" And, of course, they were just empty boxes on a barge. And endless free publicity for Google.
Too late and pure BS hype.
Bernie Behling 1
If these (or Amazon's) ever become a reality the folks I really feel sorry for are the ones who will be living close to the distribution centers they're launched from. They'll have to put up with these things buzzing by overhead all day long. But hey, free sporting clays anyone? If it's over my house, and below controlled airspace, then it's in MY airspace, and I don't much like trespassers.


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