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Review and Photos - KLM 747-400 Combi World Business Class AMS-JFK

Here I was at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, about to make my first-ever journey on KLM, a flight to New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. KLM operates AMS-JFK as part of its joint venture with Delta Air Lines, a relationship that dates back to KLM’s joint venture with Northwest Airlines, which merged with Delta in 2009. According to Delta, the joint venture today covers 26% of the airline industry’s transatlantic capacity and the geographic range of the agreement – which also… ( Más...

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Ric Wernicke 3
I am pleased to see the Delft houses are still handed out. I have quite a village. What could the super premium Gulf carriers hand out? Something traditional, like a little barrel of oil.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Mike Mohle 2
I did London to Phoenix last week on BA. Even though it was Econ (only seats left for my travel period) service was nice, meals good, service great, and no screaming babies for 10 hrs. Also, we flew over Greenland and got some spectacular views.
All well and good but we have been told for months now that all buss class seats have been upgraded but last week again on the Karachie plane with old seats. This after on line and on the phone I was told it would be a plane with the new seats.
They simply lied to me for days untill it was too late too change. Horrible.
Anyhow still better than flying on 46 b?
Bob Colburn 1
Hey wait a minute! I flew KLM Business Class from the US to Saudi Arabia in 1993 and I never got one of those Delft houses! Could have used a swig when I returned to the US after 6 months in dry Saudi!

that is because in that time you couldnot bring jenever into KSA


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