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Watch a Fighter Jet Take Off From a Freeway

It isn’t unusual to hear about civilian aircraft landing on roads; it happened earlier this month in the Bronx, of all places. Less common are military landings on public roads, for which pilots in other countries still train. About a year ago in North Korea, Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, supposedly oversaw a training exercise in which pilots “used the motorway as an airfield.” ( More...

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dbaker 6
Fast forward to 1m30sec
chalet 1
Charlie Padgett, this is not a Grippen, it is an F-18, mind you
i am aware. just making an observation.
chalet 1
Which of the two you like best, considering that the Swede costs 20-30% less dough
Would've like to seen it taxi into position, AND LAND! Otherwise, seemed more like a sales video or something. Not as interesting as I had hoped.
Not worth watching. Waste of time.
joel wiley 1
much less commenting upon.
Jason Feldman 2
LOL - looks like the top brass is like me= childish.... if I ran the air force we would all do stuff like this, and play with pastique, and dry ice bombs, LOL what a riot

Viper 23, turn west on Alpha, right on Charlie, take a left onto cedar avenue and then cleared for taxi on route 55w

WHAT A RIOT - I love it :)

If you did that in the US, there would be 100000000 conspiracy theorists saying that the end is near, and that the government is planning to use afterburners to kill drivers or something idiotic like that.
Harry Brown 0
are they? lol
obe of the best
They know we will bomb their airports first, probably pretty soon too.
William Lenoch 1
How about the landing on highway?
Larry Kysela 1
Was Dennis Rodmaan at the controls?
I hope so. They deserve him.
sparkie624 1
Excellent Video.. WOW, Would not had expected that...
ncpilot 1
Several of the shots were not of the plane that took off from the road. That one was a 2 seater with two men. There are a couple of shots that was of a single seater.
jayemen 1
Definately...the first 95 seconds of the video are clearly a 2-seater at an airstrip.
STOL was one of the requirements the Swedes made for Saab when building their aircraft.
Jeff Coghill 1
This has been happening in Europe for years. I remember turning parts of the Autobahn into runways in the 1970s. You know, Cold War, Soviets and whatnot.
preacher1 1
Seems to me Hitler did that in WW2 after all the airfields got bombed out
Larry Toler 1
The Germans built the Autobahn roadways twice as thick as our Intetstate system. Unfortunately, I got to Ramstein in '92 and did not get to see aircaft use civilian roads, but saw pictures. Before I got there, F16's would use our parking lot for a taxiway and use the road out the west gate for a runway. Would have been cool to see but I would be screwed parking at the Aerial Port I worked.
The autobahn just outside Canadian Forces Base Europe in Lahr, Germany had a stretch with removable center dividers that could be used as an emergency airfield. From what I heard it was designed to take loads from C-130s.
oowmmr 1
I like how gingerly the lineman removed the covers and safety from the Missle. Makes me think a large bug smash might set it off. Can't be....
siriusloon 1
The part that is covered is the seeker head and it's somewhat delicate and expensive. It's not the fuse and won't "set it off".
Bill Bailey 1
Two different airplanes, the first ground shots were of an F/A-18 D (2 seater) and the hwy takeoff was a single seat F/A-18C model.
The wingtip missle was an AIM-9 training round so it was inert.
justincrews83 1
You must have been a PC or something.
sparkie624 1
good catch.. camera crews can't tell the difference... I see things like that all the time... Just some how I managed to pick them up. I did that at work in a training video and said it was an impossible situation.... from what was viewed.. Instructor looked closely and agreed, and said in 8 years of using that same slide that no one had picked that up... Attention for details. many people miss it.
Steve Wang 1
ROC air force landing and take off from highway
first part with the 2 seater was at an airport, the markers can be seen when plane is moving.
Dennis Harper 1
As a training exercise my instructor would declare an engine failure and I was expected to go through the restart procedures while looking for a place to set down. One time he let the simulated failure go all the way. I touched down on the New Jersey Turnpike western spur, a mile or so south of the tolls near the Meadowlands Sports Complex. That section of the highway was not yet open in 1969.

About the recent Bronx landing. I know the road very well. It's amazing he landed there even with no auto traffic. I think he was trying for Van Cortland park, a big field, but came up short and took the Deegan Hwy which was already under him. Not an easy decision.
Bernie20910 0
This is nothing new. The US Interstate highway system has a requirement that one mile out of every four be straight and free of non-removable overpasses and other structures. The primary purpose of the entire Interstate system is not to get you to work in the morning, or to deliver your Cocoa Puffs from the mill to the supermarket, it's to facilitate the rapid movement of military traffic in times of crisis, and as runways for military aircraft.
Will Nichols 2
This isn't entirely true - it was a consideration in the design and building, but it's more of an urban legend. There are no official requirements. Earl Swift discusses this at length in his book The Big Roads: The Untold Story of the Engineers, Visionaries, and Trailblazers Who Created the American Superhighways.
darius webb 2
joel wiley 2
Good it's not true. California freeways are in no condition for jet takeoffs- you'd be lucky to get a C-130 in and out. Rough field capability can only go so far. And that's absent the traffic!
Bernie20910 1
You mean my dad lied to me? (He was a contractor, and built some of those highways)
darius webb 1
LOL. I'm not sure. I just remember reading about that within the last six months. I couldn't find the article, so I turned to Snopes.
sparkie624 1
Not necessarily... I think it was a requirement when the Interstate system first got started, however with the age of Jet A/C that really could not utilize them, that was removed from the requirements.
preacher1 3
According to that snopes link, it never was in there to begin with. All I ever heard was that if a nuke ever hit somewhere, that 3 lanes would be used outbound for evacuation and 1 lane inbound for troops. I don't think that was in any of the construction requirements of any kind, just military planning; BUT, most of that went out the door with the end of the cold war. There are some stretches that fit that bill, and would probably be used in an emergency of some type but by anything/anybody but no more than any other alternative.
Roger Hallett 0
I think part of the expressway between the CBD and Changi Airport in Singapore can be used as a military strip.
Right you are, Bernie! The Eisenhower Interstate System.
Will Nichols 2
Eisenhower signed the bill, but the preparation took upwards of 25 years prior to Eisenhower taking office as president.
When the American Eisenhower interstate system was constructed it was a specific requirement that one in every five of the 46,837 miles of road had to be kept perfectly straight. The idea was that during times of war the roads could be used as emergency runways, negating the need for more airports.
Darryl Zurn 1


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