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City Of Santa Monica Sues U.S., FAA For Control Of Airport Land

SANTA MONICA ( — The city of Santa Monica is taking the FAA and the federal government to court over who has control of the Santa Monica Airport. In a suit filed Thursday against the federal government and the FAA, Santa Monica is asking a court to give it clear title to the land. “The FAA maintains we have to operate the land forever, and we dispute that,” Mayor Pam O’Connor told KCAL9′s Serene Branson. ( Más...

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N5DW 6
It seems to me the people of Santa Monica should have been aware of the potential for "crashes, noise and pollution" when they chose to live in that city. They could have chosen to go elsewhere.

I live in Houston near IAH, where there is the same "problem." Nobody forced the nearby residents to move close to the airport.

It's becoming ridiculous how some folks try to make their grievances the problems of other people. I propose we horsewhip these complainants in a public square! <grin>

And, BTW, I have a soft spot in my heart for SMO - I learned to fly there some 40 years ago.
mustangjosh350 3
The city needs to stop with suing and stop wasting money. Its causing more harm than good wasting millions of dollars to get nowhere. and for these Against the airport, even though you guys cant afford a plane you shouldn't complain. Like I said a million times before airport is 96 years old and 99.4% of homes are newer to new. I live near the 10 freeway, school, 5 busy streets, see LAX planes fly over all day, see SMO planes sometimes. Look at people who live next to LAX or Compton airport or few feet from the 10 and 405 freeways. And if the city lower the cost to what they used to be few years and expand the runway to 10000 ft by 200ft and allow all planes to land there and maybe a few airlines (skywest, surf air, and similar) and something happens at LAX (overcrowded or like yesterday)it would be the closest to LAX. It would make the city TON OF MONEY like it used to be.
USAFcptnShades 2
The airport was there before any of these residents and besides they already have all of this in place at the Santa Monica Airport:

• Maximum Noise Level – A maximum noise level of 95.0 dBA Single Event Noise Exposure Level, measured at noise monitor sites 1,500 feet from each end of the runway, is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no additional noise monitoring stations along the flight pattern, which is routed entirely over residential neighborhoods.

• Night Departure Curfew – No takeoffs or engine starts are permitted between 11 pm and 7 am Monday through Friday, or until 8 am on weekends. Exceptions are allowed for bona fide medical or public safety emergencies only.

• Operational Limitations – Touch-and-go, stop-and-go, and low approaches are prohibited on weekends, holidays, and weekdays from one-half hour after sunset until 7 am the following day.

In addition, there are numerous recommended noise abatement procedures and limitations that have been incorporated into the Airport’s Fly Neighborly Program and included in the program’s outreach materials. For additional information visit the Airport’s web site at:
I believe the city will have to pay back all grants and funding received for all projects in the past 25 years. FAA generally pays 90% while the state and city each pay 5% for most capital improvements.
james sloat 1
Further to the posted comments, the local blog platforms have been staffed by administrators that willfully delete any posts that are pro airport. The city council members from Los Angeles and Santa Monica have influenced the local papers and blog platforms.
Additionally, quit with the political anti liberal comments here. There are a majority of republicans mixed with a minority of liberals within the neighborhood anti airport organizations.In the Salt Lake #2 U42 airport dispute, Jason Chaffetz, a whacko republican is tied directly to development money and the main official trying to close Salt Lake #2 U42.
This should NOT be a political argument but a fight for GA airports where these type of disputes are gaining in numbers. Forget your damn political affiliations, me included!!


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