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Miami Opens New International Hub For Arrivals This Morning

Flights in and out of Miami International Airport, MIA, are still experiencing some gridlock but airport officials hope opening the new international arrivals hub will improve passenger experience. MIA has opened its new international hub for arrivals this morning at around 4 am. The new terminal located on the north side cost $180 million and is 3 levels with 400,000 sf of space. ( More...

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Mario Phaneuf 1
Good news it has been very difficult to get around MIA for the travellers .

Hugolino Meira 1
Ronald Padgett 1
When are they just going to give the drug dealers their own airport instead of clogging up the passenger lanes?
Gridlock at at Miami?? Does that meann no more groups of people sitting on the floor in the transit areas and no more disgusting bathrooms??
Garry Morrison 1
This is great news. I generally fly out of KMIA 2-3 times a year,
and it is a great airport, but really congested. This will alleviate
the PAX congestion.


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