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US Airways has that sinking feeling

A U.S. Airways flight at Reagan National Airport bound for Charleston, S.C. was delayed on Friday after it got stuck in a soft spot on the tarmac ( More...

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Ronald Padgett 1
Asphalt vs Concrete ... guess we know the winner of that one.

3 hrs... is that enough time spent 'on the tarmac' to qualify for a discount/rebate?
(Yes, I know it probably wasn't stuck in that one spot for 3 hrs)
Jeffrey Babey 1
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US Airways jet gets stuck in pavement at Reagan National

A US Airways jet leaving the gate at Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C. Friday evening got stuck when its wheels sunk in the hot pavement.

The Canadair CRJ-200 regional jet was being pushed back from its gate when the wheels dug in to the hot pavement on the tarmac. Hot temperatures in the area were most likely the cause.
Several years ago was called out from my home base in Minneapolis to work on a machine doing a resurfacing job on the Palm Springs, CA, airport. Problem - overheating. While working on the machine I noticed there had been no air traffic for some time. I asked what was going on. They told me the temperature was 122° and the asphalt was too soft and the airport was closed until it cooled. Didn't keep us from working on the paving job. Fortunately my flight out was in the morning when the asphalt was cool.
sparkie624 1
LOL, They should have known better. This is not an uncommon occurrence... All experienced mechanics know about heavy planes and hot pavement. Not a good match... I guess you could say they got that Sinking Feeling. They are not that deep... Should be able to pull out of it with out any problems.

A side note, that is a CRJ-200, and really needs a paint job. Showing bad paint erosion.

preacher1 1
Well, KCLT says it has never happened before, and as many CRJ-200's that are going on the block in the near future, it's doubtful that it will see a new paint job, at least in US colors. They did push it out with a bigger tug, according to the story. I really have a hard time with KCLT saying it had never happened before. Seems like it has happened everywhere there is not a concrete
preacher1 1
'scuse me, I was thinking KCLT since it was a US hub, but I meant Regan National and they been around even longer
sparkie624 1
They painted the Dash 8's and they are a lot older than the CRJ's.
Jeffrey Babey 1
Thank God our heatwave here in Minneapolis/St Paul is gone for awhile. I was kind of surprised to see tar pavement like that. I believe all runways/taxiways at KMSP are concrete. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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