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Amazing "Fly American" video from 1933

Early American Airways promotional film with twin engine Curtiss Condor airplanes showing plane interiors and passengers, airport facilities, pilots and cockpit, map with destinations at that time, chart showing passenger growth from 1928 to 1933.Footage from this subject is available for licensing from ( Más...

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captb68 9
Great video, thanks for sharing.
"BOS-LAX in less than a day" My how far we have come in regard to speed and distance and how far we have fallen in regard to customer service and attitude of passengers.
Toby Sharp 4
Louis Vlasic 0
That is exactly what I thought about as i viewed this. Imagine 50 years from now!
This was so awesome to watch! I work for AA and I love this company and seeing this made me wish flying was this smooth now-a-days!
Chris Donawho 1
Sorry to say, your airline is nothing like it used to be. The unions destroyed it, the management embezzeled from it, etc... I just flew your company-tube to Florida and back and can say this. For an operation so large, that has been around so long, how can they possibly not know how to load people on a plane? The boarding process was the most ridiculous I have ever seen on any airline. It, and the company in general, is a recipe that has now been designed to fail.
Daniel Baker 3
Thanks to Ric Wernicke for sharing this link as a comment on another thread.
Amazed at how cramped and claustrophobic the cabin looked. No way you could get a beverage cart down those aisles! Yes, today's economy cabins aren't very roomy, but they're better than on this old Curtiss.
I suspect this film was an exercise in damage control on the run up to the Air Mail Fiasco in 1934. People sitting in the news cinema would be unlikely to be interested that anything from "baby chicks to machine parts" could be shipped via air, In fact, the general public would be unlikely to afford air travel. The Chicago - Newark flight described cost $2165.42 in today's dollars (and, personally, I would have taken the "20 Century Limited" myself)
John Danzy 4
Does American still serve Memphis, Tennessee? I'd like to take a trip to linger and see darkies loading cotton on the river boats.

Truly sad how a promotional video like this could be so racist.
Kim Hackett 2
"Darkies loading cotton" comment was at 4:40 in the video. Don't think I have ever heard that before.
Ever hear the song "my old kentucky home"? One of the verses says "it's summer, the darkies are gray". Just a history lesson.
Kim Hackett 1
Actually, the second line of the first verse is "'Tis summer, the darkies are gay,
You flat got me!
Better not watch National Geographic Channel.
allan kuh 1
racist my a$$, who do you think flies mostly THEN & NOW ? I know the BULL$h!T hasn`t another tune $ambo..........
WOW that was a jaw dropper!
Jane Fee 1
My first cross country was from PHL to OAK in 1946, originating on Pennsylvania Central Airlines and took 28 hours. I remember the times when I was late for a flight and the plane taxied back from the runway to pick me up. Charles Smith made me an Admiral of the Fleet back in 1964 before it became the Admirals Club.
Jane, you saw the best of it. I remember in the early 60's looking at my stepfathers plaque from united airlines making him a member of the 100,000 mile club signed by Mr.Keck, president of United. Progress is great but the past ain't bad either.
Jane Fee 1
What a hoot! What good passenger service. Reminds me of the times when I was late for a flight and they taxied back to the terminal to pick me up.
What a great video!
Edward Hoeger 1
Great nostalgic film
JW Wilson 1
Excellent look into a portion of history just after my octogenarian Dad was born. Love the images of Dallas and Fort Worth and the insinuation that they were only 30 minutes apart by air. Too funny. It'd only take a day by horse, well, a good horse anyway.

Thanks for posting!
Markus Wolff 1
Awesome, we sure have come a long way.
John Johnson 1
Fascinating. I kept picturing Ernie Gann in the cockpit. He did fly the Condor for American. Then Boeing built the 277 for United and American commissioned Donald Douglas to come up with a monoplane. The end result was the DC-3.
Steve Scott 1
Great old video. The scenery at the lower altitudes they flew was great. The sound of radial engines is music but it had to be loud in the cabin. My wife’s father was a DC-10 Cpt. for AA back in the late 70's. I would bet he'd have gotten a kick watchin this vid. Jim Clemens RIP 1980. Oh ya No TSA! Thanks for sharing.
This is great .. No TSA ... lol. ..And notice, some of the people go to the airport, in the Limousine, with no bags ... afew of the telephones have cords .. a sign of the times ... 1933 ... And this was "comfort" .. Wouldn't they be surprised to see the A380 and B787 !!
Innes Harrow 1
A great film, how times have changed
Chris Donawho 1
Is that Wayne Bookout on the last row? j/k Wayne
Chris, on the other thread where those guys were all over Wayne , they are just trying to protect a profession going south. I, like Wayne have a business connection to trucking, on the truck dealership side. There was a day truck drivers wore uniforms and ties just like airline pilots and with great pay. Today those jobs are low pay and available to almost anyone who can pass a drug test. It is a sad deal, but airline pilots are fast becoming bus drivers because the airlines are now mass transit and there are a million people lined up to do it for less and screw the union. These pilots and the profession are a fast changing breed. I do feel sorry for them. Life changes. That said, I think it's admirable you stick up for Wayne. I read what he says and what everyone else says and take it for what it is worth. Wayne has always contributed in a gentlemanly and positively way and that is all we can expect on a site open to the public. Who is right and wrong matters not. Believe what you will. I think all on here have some love of aviation to be here, but nothing regarding aviation will be solved here. This jasper Daniels and reddy ice is good.
Yea, along with all his airline buddies. There showing each other their newly minted ATP ratings.
They are copying certificate numbers to see who has seniority. Lol
Ben Lillie 1
Hmmm...flight attendant who are RNs and pilots who have an average of 4000 hours. Shows you how much we have regressed.
John Danzy 1
Yea, I'm sure the airlines want to pay flight attendants a registered nurse's salary.

Wait a minute though, If we cut the taxes on them they will surely return the favor by creating jobs for us.
Wayne Fox 0
Watching the "Darkies" loading a ship in Memphis. I agree with John Danzi about how easy it was back then to use racist remarks so freely. Aside from that it was an amazing look into the 1930's time period.
It was a pc correct remark back then. It was used when people were being nice. Racist? yes, by todays standards.
bud landacre 0
I loved watching that video, they were all pioneers, flight crews as well as pax. I don't go quite that far back but I do remember when the pax and crew were desevedly respectful of one another.


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