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A Pilot With A Sorted Past, Authorities Arrest Missing Drug Pilot Barrington Slack

On Monday about 4 PM, Waller County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Department of Homeland Security Agents arrested Barrington Carl Slack as he was departing from Carinos Italian Restaurant, East Humble, Texas. Slack, 33 was identified as the pilot of the twin engine aircraft that crashed landed at the Houston Executive ( Más...

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canuck44 0
I suspect they are trying to say "sordid" not "sorted"
Brian Bishop 0
Who knows? I'm still trying to "sort" out my past!
Gene spanos 0
This offender needs to be locked up before he crashes another plane over any community.
Norman Best 0
Was your editor on a potty break?
jwm707 0
Editting ain't not wot it use 2 bee.
Jeffrey Bryner 0
It gets better; see the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph of the article. It reads "We now have learned Slack has a sordid pass."

Sorted or sordid, pass or past, we are in dire need of editors when it comes to content (online or print) these days.
preacher1 0
Well, I just now read the article at 1310CST and I don't know if Aviation week went back and fixed it or what, BUT, the article itself is now correct, both in title and in the 1st line of the 2nd paragraph. FA's title is defintely messed up
pjshield 0
Someone needs an editor.
TheSkipster 0
The word is sordid, which means bad or checkered. Sorted means to sort or separate. Come on guys, you let this guy fly?
TheSkipster 0
Come on, guys. You might be able to fly, but if you can't spell, maybe someone should check your license. The pilot has a sordid past, as in questionable, bad, or suspect. Sorted is to sort or separate. You got it right in the story, except you used the words "sordid pass." Say what?
Joe Serdynski 0
I believe 'sorted' is correct in that he has associated and consorted with suspected ne'er-do-wells and other suspicious activities . . .


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