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Air hostess applicant 'had breasts checked for implants during job interview'

Dozens of women applying for air hostess jobs with an Indonesian airline were ordered to strip nearly naked and have their breasts handled in medical check-ups, one of the applicants claimed today..... This of course is a crock as breast implants are not compressible or decompressible unless they contain a lot of air. Saline types may have a little air bubble out of them but is of no consequence unless it is a large volume. Even then the capsule will withstand huge pressures. Sounds like… ( Más...

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Paul Claxon 1
I think it should be added to the preflight check list and made mandatory.
richard weiss 1
Many pilots have offer such examinations but it usually involved a few drinks on an overnight
Ed Holcombe 1
I still prefer the old taste test myself
kldfligtrrt 0
you all are bad, but funny as h3ll RFLMAO
Toby Sharp 0
I think the motorboat method is still ideal
richard weiss 0
The TSA is doing it, Mike. But they are saving us from fate worse than death. Very patriotic.
Gene spanos 0
Wow...........what now...............air america!!!
mark tufts 0
whats next pregnancy tests for men who want to become pilots
But are they going to check further down to ensure we don't get any 'Ladyboys" ??? I would think that is more important
canuck44 0
Why did I know this squawk would reconvene Tailhook? Richard so far wins the Tailhook Honorary Comment Award but caption nominations are still open.

At least the guy (I assume it was a male) didn't do the IUD check.
richard weiss 0
Thank you, John. I will take that as a complement. As a matter of fact I am a tail hooker
steve kent 0
I think I've found my perfect job....pre-screening medic for Indonesian airlines.
jagerardi 0
Cool! A new item to add the "Remove before Flight" tag to...
someboby has a cool job,sadly not me???
Tracy Sear 0
Shows that pervs are everywhere. These are the ones that can get away with it.
richard weiss 0
Tracy, flattery will get you nowhere
Tracy Sear 0
I calls 'em as I sees 'em.
Jack Textor 0
What's next the "elbow test"...
bdarnell 0
See, it pays to be in HR
Sounds like a job I would be interested in
Robb Hodges 0
Where did you think TSA got their training?
Dan Ciavardini 0
flaps,slats, 15/15 ehr 36DD oh my!
zulu44 0
Since I don't know if 'Tracy Sear' is a male or female let me ask this: why are there only males that are responding to this procedure? Outside of possible 'bomb implantation', what else is the purpose?
Tracy Sear 0
No purpose at all, except to further subjugate their employees by demonstrating their power over them through humiliation and intimidation. Maybe also live the dream that some of the more juvenile posters on this thread are experiencing. I'm female, and that fact is probably pretty apparent here.
mzk49o1 0
...I'm female and I thought some of these comments were pretty funny. I mean, yeah, what Garuda is doing is pretty messed up and invasive, but. It also doesn't hurt to have a chuckle or two at a few tongue-in-cheek comments regarding the incident.
Roland Dent 0
Tracy: I agree. Richard I too am a "tail hooker". I am a respectable man. I have never taken part in anything immoral. The question I must ask is what these gals' partners did about this assault.
mzk49o1 0
I hope that at least /some/ kind of action was taken against it.
Tracy Sear 0
In that country? Probably nothing. It's not the U.S., no legal or union protections.
Ric Wernicke 0
I rented a car in Jakarta and was advised to "check the hooter" before leaving. I thought "What a country!"
Sad all around both the article and comments. You may find humor but I gather these hostesses were probably demoralized. Women aren't the only people getting implants if I may add.
tlkent2008 0
They might think she is a terrorist with explosive liquid in them and not saline?
Mike Sulkowski 0
I'm surprised the TSA hasn't thought of doing this too...


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