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Flying Car Cleared for Takeoff

A flying car or "roadable aircraft" made by Terrafugia called the Transition has received special exemptions from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Jonathan Welsh has details. ( Más...

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Daniel Baker 0
Here we go again...
Toby Sharp 0
oh geez
chetanya 0
no real pilot would want to buy that esp for $235,000
Donny Malinoff 0
I'd buy it as as I find myself in situations where I need wheels when I land places. It may be UGLY but definitely useful.
It's like Deja Vu all over again.
Eugene Pope 0
I find those two news anchors brilliant.
Jfueler 0
So much for the friendly skies!...haha
Wingscrubber 0
This could actually be the worlds first commercially successful flying car, I think it's brilliant. I'd buy one if I could, I'd park it right next to my Icon A5.
dba74m -1
It's actually a good value at $250,000 or less to be able to drive to and from airports seamlessly.
pfp217 -1
I'm with most other commentors, SCREW THIS!
Jim Morrison -1
No doubt this is going to catch on. I know they(govering bodies of all levels) have already starting planing for sky traffic tickets. $1000.00 just for tilting the wings. $2,000 for breaking the altitude limits.
Jim Morrison -1
My apology for incorrect words and etc.
Carole Deering -1
I'm all in! Have been waiting for this my entire "rush hour commuter" life!
Michael Messina -1
OK, Here we go. We now have a Flying Car. Here is the dilemma? There are people that can not drive a car with four wheels securely on the Ground and now they can get a flying car. I can see it now. Sky Princess's putting on Make-up, Jack Wagons giving the International Salute for flying in to your Airspace and Skyjacking- Some fool steals the Flying Car and has No Idea how to fly it.
Terry Haley -1
Good thing the Wright Brothers never met some of you, you would still be whipping a horse on the butt.. Aviation was made for dreamers, shakers, and movers.
How many "Flying Cars" have there been over the years? I'm not sure, but there have been several attempts, with none of them successful. There are several reasons why they didn't succeed, of course, but it basically boils down to two reasons. Cars make lousy planes, and planes make lousy cars!
It would seem to me that, with those wings folded, there would be terrible "blind spots" when you were driving the thing, and did anyone else notice the bungee cord wrapped around the steering wheel in the inside video while it was flying? Oh, and let's not forget such joys of driving as parking lot dings and scrapes, bump-and-go drivers, and the occasional carjacker! ("Take thees car to Havana!")
Of course, only properly licensed pilots would be allowed to operate the thing (No, Junior, you cannot take the...uh - "Transition" to your prom!), so hopefully that would help in that area. I wonder, though - would you have to get an A&P mechanic change a tire or do a minor tuneup, or could you take it to your local "Mr. Goodwrench (TM)?
Jonathan Fulton 0
Wow, I remember hearing and seeing a flying car when I was a kid, about 50 yrs ago. I remember the actor Bob Cummings had one.
Terry Haley 0
I believe IBM said there would never a computer on a desktop either. I have been in aviation for 30 years, seen navigation change the way we fly, have seen the bad attempts on auto cars, but just maybe a pilot and only a pilot will have a really cool means of transportation. This is ideal for NM where long strait roads abound. Not very useful for la traffic. Agree there will always be issues, some easy some not so. Telling your insurance agent that you are in the Walmart parking lot and you just hit a plane will have it moments. Still a Great IDEA!!!!!!!!!!
209flyboy 0
Talk about 'Sky Cahos'. This would be the ultimate answer to clear out the gene pool of inconsiderate dummies who drive the way they would fly these things. Unfortunately they would probably take a lot of people with them into the ground. Let's forget this lunacy before you get a 900 pound hammer dropped on your head from 2000 feet.
Lets stick with slow flying beach chairs hanging from balloons.
chop 0
I do think that this is a nice feat of engineering, however I think you have to consider the practicality of it. I don't know if I see the flying car as a viable commercial product. There is too much risk with having an aircraft exposed to motor vehicle traffic. One little fender bender or bump and it can affect its airworthiness. Imagine parking the thing in a parking lot and someone dings the folded up wing, or backs into the thing while parallel parking. Would you be up to flying that thing? For that matter, insurance would be through the roof. This sort of exposure is not present with your standard GA aircraft that don't leave the "protected environment" of the airport.

I'm less worried about having the "general public" flying around in the air. After all, I'm pretty sure that the FAA would require you to have a private pilot's licence and an add on certification to operate the
aircraft. That alone would be preventative in having your run of the mill yahoo operating this vehicle.
Tim Bray 0
I still like the Moller Skycar. The concept is spot on, no wings=no dings. It was all supposed to be computer controlled, and ATC was supposed to upgrade it's systems over 10yrs ago to handle this.As A SF Fan this car still appeals to me, even though there was a lot of hinky stuff going down in the front office. Think about one guy, with a dream, tries to take on the FAA, with a worthy product(My opinion).change that car over to two allisons, instead of 8 wrankles. Maybe three, one for saftey,crosslinked of course.Any just my view on this. Personally, I think the Terrafugia is going to be riddled with the above mentioned probs., besides it is ugly!
Barbara Gould 0
Wonder what the "price at the pump" would be, for a gallon of Jet Fuel? And we think we have problems NOW, with the cost of gasoline? No thanks...Road Rage here, in the South is bad enough...the last thing we all need is SKYRAGE!! I'll pass, thank you just the same....I'm almost too old to drive, much less "FLY" and I don't even make a good passenger on a commercial flight, and those guys at the controls KNOW what they are doing....Sign me "Chicken of the Sky".... LOL....Have a great, safe weekend everyone!
dale simmons 0
I would like to fly one, but it doesnt seem practical
mrdedwalker 0
Yep - its a Moller again. Bring back the Jetsons
Tim Bray 0
I just had to, that thing looks so cool.
Hillndale57 0
The last time I checked on this project, the performance did not allow for much margin of error. Poor climb performance, not much speed, cross-wind performance was not listed but probably not stellar. This would all make for an "airplane" that would not be terribly easy to fly unless conditions were pristine. Marginal performance would have to be compensated for by exemplary piloting skill and judgement...not something the average man (or woman) may be up for. Cool dream, but may stay just that.
Marla Schultz 0
@Eugene Pope...I find the 2 anchors ingorant & stupid.
@Terry Haley...Nice comments. I agree with you on both of them. I am not a pilot, yet. But I love the idea of this roadable aircraft.
@Chop...good points
@Barbara Gould....I beliefe this take regular auto fuel
eagle5719 0
When I fly my 172 to small airports that may be close to nice sightseeing areas that may be 20 miles or more away from an airport - with neither rental cars or even a restaurant, about all I can do is fly back home. So it's obvious that that is one of the reasons one would need this plane/car. Earlier attempts over the years at developing these failed from poor design but this one looks pretty well done. There may be crashes when it gets into the hands of the general public - but I'll bet it won't be the fault of the plane/car.
michaelleon59 0
Oh What???
Wayne Fox 0
As someone stated earlier it's a start. Give it a chance it's still in development. Ever see a really old RV? They were pretty lame too.
michaelleon59 0
Here comes the Jetson.....
209flyboy 0
Here comes the 900 pound hammer from the sky!
Matthew Haskett 0
It seems to me that one of the biggest problems in general aviation is that you fly to a location, get out the plane, and... then what? This flying car solves that problem. Can't wait until they're mass marketed, price comes down, etc. Hopefully this is a big idea that will catch on and force the evolution of general aviation.


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