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Singapore Airlines: Pilot 'refused sick passenger's plea to land'

An award-winning BBC journalist who suffered a heart attack on board a Singapore Airlines flight may sue the airline after it refused to make an emergency landing. ( Más...

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preacher1 0
Somebody screwed up somwhere. I guess the next question though is Where would you have diverted to?
Tom Kearney 0
FYI: In-flight medical emergency: an experience with Singapore airlines
Daniel Baker 0
@preacher1 I don't know much about the specifics of the incident, but at a glance, along the route (within an hour or so) is Bangkok, New Delhi, Kabul, Tehran, Warsaw, Frankfurt, etc. Virtually the entire flight is over land.
preacher1 0
Well, I didn't look at first but apparently they weren't very far out of Singapore. I guess they should have turned around. Long story in my past about an FO on a TWA redeye one night and Doc that was there told Cap if you can't get him on the ground in OKC, he won't make Tulsa. That was a once in a blue moon night a front was coming across and socking in everything and them was GCA days. I remember calling lights and then feeling the gear touching and needing a strobe truck to get to the terminal but you put the damn thing on the ground.
mario miliani 0
Please read the regulations


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