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FlightAware's Top 5 Most Helpful Features While Traveling During the Holidays

The holidays are here, and that means whether you're picking up loved ones at the airport or traveling across the country to see friends, busy skies mean a bigger chance of flight delays or even cancellations. However, with FlightAware and a little preparation, you can improve your holiday travel experience. Here are the Top 5 most helpful features for travelers when using FlightAware. ( More...

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Philip Lanum 3
I found out about my flight being canceled using FlightAware's App on my phone. I was notified before Iceland Air sent out a message.
(We got sent over to a Delta flight and got into first class - sweet)

IFlyUBuy 1
Good info!
Jranderson777 1
Number 1 (tracking inbound) for sure. …used it many times.


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