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The Bizarre Space Force Plane That Hasn't Landed In 2 Years

The U.S. Space Force got off to a complicated start. Born as a campaign promise from Donald Trump, it wasn't terribly clear at the beginning what the Space Force's role would be among America's armed services. It received quite a bit of political pushback (and no small amount of ridicule) as a resurrection of 80s SDI thinking (via Arms Control) and an unwelcome intrusion of the military into America's space strategy. Prior to Trump's proposal, American space travel had… ( More...

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Matt West 45
The X-37 was setting endurance records long before the Space Force existed...they were just overseen by AF Space Command. It's missions always have, and probably always will be, classified (the X-37 I mean).

As a retired USAF guy, the only thing I can see the USSF has created is more General billets and even more duplicating of positions. USAF Space Command was completing the same missions with the same success rate, just without the ridiculous "Guardian" titles and Star Trek styled insignia. We even won the Cold War without a SpaceCom.

The DoD keeps pushing for another round of BRAC to "save money", yet the creation of another branch is considered OK? Someone needs to take a step back and examine exactly what our priorities as a nation are.
Coalora 10
People keep forgetting (many likely don't know) that Star Trek copied their insignia from the Air Force first. The chevron is pretty historical, and I'm fine with it. The "Guardian" stuff is pretty bad though, yeah.
Steve Cutchen 7
"USAF Space Command was completing the same missions with the same success rate"

Could say the same about the USAF... it wasn't after WWII, on September 18, 1947, that the Department of the Air Force was created under the National Security Act of 1947. It did just fine in two world wars as part of the Army.
rodtony 5
Could not agree with you more. I was also in the Air Force and served in what is now the USSF. As you stated, there was basically a separate command in the Air Force for Space Operations and it worked fine. I don't doubt that sometime in the far future a separate Space Force would be a good idea but it was not necessary now and it all it created was more bureaucratic overhead that costs more money and more division. All this because the previous administration thought it was "Cool to do" not because it made sense or was necessary!
ToddBaldwin3 11
The creation of Space Force was not a DoD idea, nor was it their priority. That was all driven by President Trump.
Chuck Lavazzi 6
Well, we got two seasons of a Netflix comedy out of it, so there's that. :-)
Kevin Devine 2
Can we please just change the name to US Space Command,
Space Comm for short. PLEASE. It’s just embarrassing.
It's a wonder he didn't call it Trump Space Force.
John D 1
He probably tried
jeff slack -3
You are correct; President Link Hogthrop created another level of Military with no spacecraft or leading technology to bolster the silly uniforms and ridiculous theme song.....and no Aliens to protect us against.
Could be true...or could be we do not know what we do not know...there is a reason that more and more these unexplained UFO videos from our military are being released. May be weaning us in slowly, we just don't know.
The biggest duplication isHome Land Security all the things that DLS is doing was working well before now look at our border it’s a mess.
Monique Turgeon -6
What we don’t know indeed.
We’re a naive race of silly humans.“Classified”,
Black Budget,
Secret Space Program,
Private Militaries & Contractors,
Puppet Presidents,
Factions warring against one another for “control” not having a clue who’s “really” in charge.
Fake “Human” History,
Yellow Journalism
(MSM AND “Alternative”),
Mind Control,
Transhumanism etc etc etc
Makes one wonder if this all has actually come from just “human” DNA… OR…. ???
Anyway… It all existed before DJT & The “Official” Space Force and will continue long after UNTIL &
UNLESS we all wake up and actually come together instead of buying into their divide,(deceive / distract), control and conquer programs.
Following the money (EVERYONE’S money on ALL “sides”) is not a bad plan to start with if we can get through the smoke & mirrors.
Oh… and then there’s the mass cognitive dissonance.
Alan Napier 5
Someone's off her meds again.
James Cox 1
Wrong Todd, the US Space Force idea actually started during the Obama administration.
Franky16 1
That's what was stated in the article...
Leo Cotnoir 6
As an Air Force veteran and space industry retiree, I think "Space Farce" is a better name. Modern warfare is about joint operations, not the Balkanization of the military for political reasons.

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Leo Cotnoir 9
Some people are so insecure that they cannot let others be themselves.
Alan Glover 0
I wanted to be a pirate when I was 8.

At the very least, can we wait until someone is an adult before encouraging life altering surgery based on what seems to be dysphoria?

And, as a corollary, what is a woman?

P-51...Had to say that seeing as how this is a flight-oriented site. :)
masonite 1
I totally agree with you on people needing to be adults before having elective surgery that can’t be undone.
SkyAware123 1
They care about mental disease patients.
SkyAware123 0
uhm, a record is only a record until it's beaten... so no.
Dan Chiasson -2
USSF is just one of many many Trump's self-serving "things" aimed at getting votes. And this saw the light of day? Seriously? Just does not make sense. Maybe some of the mojo from Trump's North Korean lover rubbed off on him.
Thomas Francl 23
I am not a pilot, just a computer techy, but I love FlightAware and this blog. Can we keep politics out of these comments? Some of us love Trump and some of us hate him. Some of us love Biden, and some of us hate him. Who cares what your opinions are?
JimPlez -6
So to hell with free speech, will make some happy. Just my opinion so it should not bother anyone.
Karl Scribner 5
What’s “bizarre” about it?
dilkie 7
Gee.. with all the negative comments about a new branch of the military being created... What about the Air Force itself? Created out of the Army Air Corp, which, I'm sure everyone thought was doing a fine job and there was no need to split off a new branch?

And has NASA actually done a better job than the original "owners", the USAF?
Leo Cotnoir 2
I would call to your attention that many air force bases are now called "Joint Bases." The concept of separate military services is outdated.
John Taylor 1
Get back to me when aircraft carriers start showing up at these Joint Bases. There are many stand-alone air bases and many stand-alone army posts so your point is kind of moot.
Mike Ziemann 7
For those who ridicule the NEED for a Space Force, they are woefully unaware of the threats and challenges that we face in the space environment today... and they aren't getting any better. They also echo those who, 75 years ago, argued that the air domain was nothing but long-range artillery, and ridiculed the idea of an independent Air Force. For those who ridicule the idea simply because of which president ended up putting his signature on the legislations, well that's just pathetic. The need for a USSF was in discussion YEARS before the previous president every even announced his intent to run. The fact that he was the one who got it across the finish line is no reason to rally against a service that clearly puts the security of our country first. Sometimes it's okay to actually put our country's well-being ahead of political partisanship.
John Taylor 2
The only problem is that it's not truly separate. It has Air Force ranks and but is commanded by all branches who retain their own service billet. Until they are a real, stand-alone branch, they're just a redundancy.
John Taylor 1
Boy, I wish there was an edit button here. I should proof read before posting.
SkyAware123 0
amen. They obviously havent been paying attention much about our adversaries testing ways to knock out satellites.
david allan 2
Poor MSN, can't publish an article without exposing their Trump Derangement Syndrome. I clicked to read about the X37, not lib whining. How many times did the editor send it back to the author, "it needs more anti Trump spin!"
masonite 6
Nobody whines more than Trump fans.
SkyAware123 -5
tds +1
masonite -1
Oooo, you burned me so bad!
Leo Cotnoir 5
It is time for everyone to wake up to just how deranged Trump is.
Alan Glover 2
Another TDS province heard from.
Leo Cotnoir 2
As an Air Force veteran and space industry retiree I see the Space Force as a farce that is counter-historical. Modern warfare is about joint operations, not the Balkanization of the military for political purposes.
patrick baker -1
all and any theoretical tasks for Space Force will be done within military budgets and done by military members in existing branches. Space FOrce exists because the viet-nam era war coward, aka Donald Trump, had a swell idea for another design for pajamas. He loves to play dress up and exchange salutes and strut about. But this structure is one without purpose or design as of today. Or tomorrow. The military is up to its kiesters with Generals and wanna-be generals .I hope Biden and the joint chiefs will notice this and disband this silliness before it takes further root, as in before SPace Force breaks ground on its own service academy.
John Taylor 2
You had a good point until you showed your ignorance and hatred. If you had left your political view out of it, you would have been spot on.
Alan Glover -6
Counting on the confused traitor Xiden for any positive policies is a derangement associated with but separate from the TDS extant in today's democrat party.
John Taylor 1
After reading the comments, I would point out that the main mission of the Space Command is to use the space around Earth as a theater of operations; ie satellites used as weapons systems/command and control and the means to get them into orbit. Not to "go where no man has gone before". That's NASA's job, who by the way, is failing miserably. Love him or hate him, Musk is running circles around NASA. But then he's not a government bureaucracy.
Steve Cutchen 1
*wasn't until after"
Scott Campbell 1
And all solar powered … sure
Chuck Lavazzi 1
It's good to see something concrete eventually came out of what was just a bright shiny media object at the start. And there's also the Netflix series starring Steve Carell. Although it was cancelled after two seasons.
As a Democrat it's pretty unfortunate to see all the liberals making fun a Space Force - they're just ignorant of history! It's pretty much the same way the the Air Force was created, and the best thing Trump did in office. The Air Force was created out of the Army Air Corps - they were already doing the mission, just an organizational change. Same with Space Force - the mission was already being done by the Air Force, it's an organizational change.
Russ Brown 1
The first paragraph is a throwaway waste of 135 words which has nothing to do with aviation -- or space for that matter. Aside from that woke lapse in judgement, the author does a fair job of staying on topic, but it's one he doesn't grasp. The Space Force -- unlike NASA! -- uses outer space (orbital and otherwise) to support *military* operations and to defend Earth from impactors (asteroids/comets).
John L. Sullivan -2
As I recall, meaningful "Space exploration" started with the Russian/American militaries. We better stay there in that respect, or combines are going to be replaced with a lot of liberals in the field with sickles.
lynx318 0
Space Force, what a slow, expensive waste of time, Musk's StarLink meant for global communications, is having more military benefit, i.e. Ukraine conflict, than this Govt department probably ever will.
Bruce Johnson 0
Proper link for the story:
IFlyUBuy -3
It's all about Cyberspace not outer space. They can gather info on communistic electioneering and cheating in Congress. Do you really think they'll sit back and let a foreign entity control our government?


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