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Faulty Simulator Training: 90 Spicejet Pilots Banned From Flying Boeing 737 MAX

All affected pilots will undergo proper training before returning to flying duties. ( More...

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lynx318 1
Faulty simulator or faulty training instructions used in simulator? Sounds more like a problem with who wrote the instructions.
Highflyer1950 1
I”ll bet if you did an indepth inspection of any Indian registered aircraft over 2 years old it probably wouldn't meet any airworthy standards. If they can’t fix their aircraft there’s no way a simulator will get repaired.
Pete Pereira 1
I think you'd lose the bet. What makes you think India doesn't have competent aircraft mechanics?
Highflyer1950 1
Minesh Patel 0
In India the plane fly thru turbulence all the time in rainy seasons. Now rainy season can be any time. Inside the cabin luggage holder vibrate. Plus hard landings all wheels touch down at the same time.


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