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Shortage of Antonov freighters to cause more delays for satellite projects

TORONTO, CANADA — The shortage of Antonov heavy cargo aircraft amidst the ongoing war could cause more delays for satellite projects already affected by supply chain issues during the pandemic. ( Más...

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Greg Kusiak 3
I’m looking forward to Antonov’s upcoming new designs with modern materials/technologies. While it may take a number of years to come to fruition, I’m certain it will be equally impressive as Mryia was for it’s time. And this time, they WILL build 2
lynx318 2
There is a second Antonov 225 wingless fuselage, just needs assembly hopefully with enough salvaged parts from Mryia.
Greg Kusiak 2
Is or was? The Russians didn’t destroy it too?
It would be better for the brand/company and country to modernize the original designs IMHO. While they’re waiting for it to be safe to begin rebuilding, it’s something to do.
lynx318 1
It's not stored in the same location. As far as I know it is still secure.
Greg Kusiak 1
I’ve not followed his wartime YouTube-ing as much as I did before, but the 225 pilot Dmytro Antonov gave me the impression that pretty much everything at Gostomel is a loss, too damaged to repair
Greg Kusiak 1
Disregard my last:
sparkie624 4
Not too surprising, The Antonov Heavy Lifter was a real asset. Need more like it. I am surprised that Boeing never designed one.
donhun1313 3
When the Army first requested a super heavy lift aircraft all the major aircraft companies submitted proposals. After the initial review, Boeing LM and Douglas were given a 1 year contract to submit a design. The Boeing submitted a design was superior to Lockheed Martin design. However, it was more expensive and a cost conscious military chose the less expensive design.
linbb 2
Um well lets see, 747 was after they lost out on the C5A project.
Ed Kostiuk 3
I agree considering the health provisions they carried during the early months of the pandemic I'm surprised other countries/manufacturers haven't come up with a heavy lifter. The C-5 is great but the problem is they are military and cannot be relied on to be available.
lynx318 1
Don't they still have super belugas to transport the large body sections for rockets?
Alan Sanderson 1
Wasn't the Anotonov Design Bureau based in Ukraine where the AN-225 got blown up. Someone here should know and save us a SEARCH.
Peter Ashby 1
I'm a Canadian and disappointed that the airliner watch article even mentions that awful country which invades, murders, rapes, destroys, devastates, and commits so many barbaric acts and atrocities. Subject to confirmation the Antonov Airlines (ADB) fleet has relocated to Leipzig/Halle and should be the only AN124 operator considered for cargo tasks by the civilised world.🇨🇦🇺🇦
Alan Sanderson 0
There are "rows" of retired C5s sitting in the desert at AMARC in Tucson. Perhaps it's time for a "garage sale" (to properly vetted countries/corporations)


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