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Liquor bottles fall from man’s pocket as he opens cabin door mid-flight, feds say

A 29-year-old passenger was desperate to open the cabin door as a United Airlines flight began its final descent into Pensacola, Florida, last year, knocking a flight attendant into the galley as he struggled with the door’s lever, according to federal court filings. Now he’s facing hefty fines and a possible prison sentence. Kameron C. Stone, of Fairfax, Virginia, pleaded guilty to interfering with a flight crew and assault charges in the Northern District of Florida on Wednesday, Feb. 9, the… ( Más...

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patrick baker 1
this is as good a case as any about the crime of interfering with a flight crew, and incidently endangering the entire group of passengers . and the Justice Departments professed new stand against unruly passengers putting at risk everybody on board. If the court can't throw the book at this defendant in dollar fines and many months in prison, then why even have this offense on the books as a federal crime? Let us all watch and notice the sentencing statement as to the real stand by the federal government.
linbb 1
The courts are very soft on things these days like murder and such so dont expect too much might even make the airline give out a free lifetime pass to this person who knows.


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