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Historic dual runway take off from Heathrow

On you tube NATS channel (UK Air Traffic Control) has published two videos including ATC communications. ( Más...

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mbazell 2
Back in the 1950's we use to do that all the time. A DC-7 would take off on 22L and as soon as it passed the rotation point a Connie would start its roll on 31R. They knew how to move traffic in those days.
Mike Ziemann 1
You seem to have missed the entire point of this story. Simultaneous takeoffs on parallel runways probably happen thousands of times a day around the world. That wasn't the point. They were highlighting the fact that those two rival airlines coordinated a symbolic simultaneous departure to highlight the full reopening of those routes that had been so dramatically curtailed over the last 20 months. It was a deliberate PR event, hence the reason the media covered it.
Cleffer 1
Who won the race? BA or Virgin?
Chris B 4
Virgin by 9 minutes.
william baker 1
Someone said they had a dual landing at JFK as well. Did I miss read that.
Em Fairley 1
Yes, you did. The BA flight followed the Virgin down
Ichiro Sugioka 1
I would be nice to read except to pop ups keep covering the story
mbazell 1
That was at KMDW back in the 50's.
srobak -1
Nothing rare about this at all... not even at heathrow, or any other major airport with parallel runways. This is a non-event.
mbazell 2
Of course as usual the news media has to make it a rare event. It sells.
Bill Butler 1
Not rare, perhaps, but neat to watch two big jets rolling together. Even if they are hundreds of feet apart!
Em Fairley 1
International borders reopening IS rare, hence the historic nature of the takeoff
srobak 1
lol.... you act like ours has been closed - when it has never been as wide open since the dawn of the jet age!


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