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Incredible: Video Shows The Power Of Concorde Taking Off

The supersonic passenger aircraft known as Concorde entered service in 1976 and operated commercially until 2003. ( More...

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bbabis 4
Thanks for posting. The most impressive Concorde takeoff I saw was at Oshkosh in 1985. At that time they let those with pilot passes wonder right up beside the runway. What were they thinking? Me, being an aviation idiot, wondered right up to the runway with my wife and three small children. What was I thinking? It literally shook the Earth and vibrated your whole being. Having to hold my young daughter's ears to prevent damage, I could not hold my own. I just took it and grinned. After it departed the area there were a lot of kids crying and mad mothers, but not mine. We had two grins and kids with eyes as big as saucers. That is when I knew we were an aviation family. Awesome!


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