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Light twin crashes into homes in Santee, CA

Multiple fatalities including on the ground, including confirmed UPS driver. ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 2
Aviation Safety Network page on this incident in N7022G:
Steve Aliamus 1
This thread was posted earlier under the topic "Air Traffic Control Warned Pilot He Was Flying Too Low Moments Before Crash in San Diego County"
Steve Aliamus 1
I'll ask FlightAware to archive my posting, as mine appears to have been posted AFTER Chris', but hit their main webpage earlier.
Jim DeTour 1
I think he had his head in the computerized nav screen not monitoring instruments and thought simply pulling back was inputting a climb. It appears pulling back actually increased the bank. I also think obviously over tasked or disoriented pilots seen to be spiraling down need to be directed to input an opposite turn. Could be the best way to get them to get back to a scan that would have them seeing indications of bank angle so they will be back into flying the plane note being distracted from maintaining control IFR. You have to maintain a good scan even when not IFR.
WeatherWise 1
Cessna 340, N7022G, KNYL to KMYF. ATC audio posted to YouTube, in my opinion, shows a clear case of spatial disorientation while on the ILS Runway 28R approach/circle to land Runway 23. Pilot couldn't follow instructions, and by the stress in his voice, you could tell he had gotten way behind the plane.
WeatherWise 1
Newly released video shows the aircraft diving to the ground in a steep, banking decent. The pilot never mentioned any mechanical difficulties, nor did he declare an emergency.
Steve Aliamus 0
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Air Traffic Control Warned Pilot He Was Flying Too Low Moments Before Crash in San Diego County

Before a pilot crashed in a residential street in San Diego's East County, killing himself and a UPS driver on the ground, Air Traffic Control warned that he was flying too low and repeatedly asked him to gain altitude


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