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IATA Calls For Governments To Recognize Aviation Workers As Essential For Vaccination

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) had made a call for governments across the globe to prioritize aviation workers when it comes to the administration of the new COVID-19 vaccines. ( Más...

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Hmmm, OK .... First they tell us that Pilots should NOT get the vaccine ...... followed by the announcement that they can get the vaccine, but then can't fly for 3 to 5 days, now they want to put them at the head of the line. SNAFU is back in style! Just saying!!
paul trubits 1
Since when is 48 hours 3-5 days?
Roy Hunte 2
There were 2 different reports, one said 48 hours, the other said 3-5 days, not sure which is factual.
Paul Miller 3
I am not saying that the idea of Aviation Workers be placed ahead of others is a bad thing OK ? BUT it seems that everybody wants "Their" workers to also be placed ahead of us peon's out here too ? like the UPS drivers & Fed-Ex Drivers plus the others who are dealing with the COVID-19 Vaccines.... So I am looking at little old me "Maybe" getting the vaccine shot "maybe" late next Year now after ALL the other "Vital" workers have had Thiers (If they wanted one of course anyway?).
Greg S 2
Aviation is a critical industry, especially since they will be transporting much of the vaccine around the world. So not first in line, but not last either.
godutch 2
Dear: 'Airline Industry' Stop being selfish. Let us take care of the sick and elderly first. Jeezus!
linbb 1
How true these people are not the cause or problem others are and figured some people would feel special during the first round. Next up who? Step right up groups like churches and such.


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