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Southwest Airlines expands again, adds 2 more new cities

Welcome to the Southwest Airlines network, Fresno and Santa Barbara. Southwest continued its torrid expansion pace during the pandemic, making those cities the latest new dots on its ever-growing route map as it looks to strengthen its grip on California. ( Más...

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Mike Boote 1
"Torrid" is an odd adjective to use, since it means "hot and dry". I would use "opportunistic" instead.
John D 2
Pretty much shows the lack of understanding of what words mean in the journalism and blogging community.
possibly the use of the word "torrid"was to indicate southwest expanding in environments that were considered "hot and dry"???i find it odd they would announce expansion of any kind in the "near" they also just announced laying off 7500 people,which they have never done before..the airline industry is not yet at a stable point because people are not yet ready to take those busness or vacation trips..


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