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Delta absorbs order for 10 Airbus A350 jets cancelled by Latam: sources

PARIS (Reuters) - Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) has taken over an order worth roughly $3 billion at list prices for 10 Airbus (AIR.PA) A350 jetliners from Latam Airlines Group LTM.S), two industry sources said. Airbus announced the cancellation of 10 A350 aircraft in a monthly order update last week. It also announced a simultaneous order for 10 A350 aircraft from an undisclosed airline. ( Más...

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Joseph Sede 2
Delta should NEVER receive any government funds
Mike Boote 1
This will bring Delta's total A350 order to 39. What is not specified is will this be the A350-1000. I believe this is the model that is the bulk of the remaining LATAM order.
boughbw 2
Do you think Delta is angling to phase-out its Boeing planes? They have embraced the A330. They are buying more A350s. They have added A32x offerings. They are a launch partner for the A220... And Boeing has really failed to deliver anything meaningful about its 757 replacement.

They have also accelerated the retirement of their older McDonnell-Douglas offerings, save for the 717 (which might easily be phased-out by the A220).

Finding buyers for their planes might be tough in the current market, but there are plenty of airlines flying the 737s and 777s to sell well-maintained equipment to.
To my eye, these moves by Delta don't bode well for Boeing.


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