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Boeing falsified records for 787 jet sold to Air Canada. It developed a fuel leak.

Boeing staff falsified records for a 787 jet built for Air Canada which developed a fuel leak ten months into service in 2015....The records stated that manufacturing work had been completed when it had not. ( More...

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patrick baker 7
trustworthiness is exactly like virginity, for when it is punctured, skewered, gored, etc, it is gone never to return. Boeing will have to perform big atonements to regain the semblence of trust.
sharon bias 10
Just another example of Boeing playing fast and loose with the rules. Fuel leaks are a serious problem.
Torsten Hoff 6
To be fair, we are talking about two individuals (who were punished). Boeing self-reported when they became aware of the falsification.

The bigger question is whether this is an isolated incident, or if there is a culture of dishonesty. Boeing workers have complained about excessive pressure due to unrealistic production goals. That is certainly something that can be leveled at Boeing management.
siriusloon 1
Maybe they got transferred to the KC-46 programme and missed all the FOD that caused the USAF to suspend deliveries of over-budget and late aircraft at least twice.
Another Boeing problem - and only now we get to know about this? - seems like the FAA needs an overhaul too!
People are flying in these things !!!
siriusloon 2
The FAA's budget was cut, so they had to farm out inspections and certifications to the manufacturer. Tell your Congressional Representative and your Senator to boost the FAA's budget. They won't do it without pressure from the public.
Yes, the Air Transat crew mismanaged their fuel problem and maybe got lucky with their track choice/assignment; but let's give credit where it is due. As I recall, they ran out of fuel while still well offshore but got that airplane down not only on dry ground, not only on an airport, but on a runway, flapless, and stopped on that runway - at NIGHT.
Jeraboam 1
What angers me most is that this US federal and Washington state tax supported company virtually destroyed Canada's growing commercial aircraft manufacturing industry with its dishonest attack on Bombardier. Boeing's moral and manufacturing decline seems to coincide with its greedy executives/investors decided to move its headquarters from the boonies (Seattle) to the big city (Chicago). I don't recall the reasons given for this move and can only assume that it was to cater to the wishes of the company board members.
Cansojr 0
Boeing is playing a dangerous name with their reputation. Now it's the new 787s and I will take a leap and propose they have this problem with all airlines that operate these 2 models. A fuel leak can be deadly. AirTransat nearly ditched in the Atlantic because the two pilots couldn't figure our they had a fuel leak. What on earth is happening at AirTransat. That would have killed 300 people more or less. If they went in the water very view would survive hypothermia for about 10 minutes.

Jim Mitchell 2
Ancient news.
matt jensen 2
Air Transat 236 was an A330, NOT BOEING
william baker 2
Im aware that is was a A330 and its still flying to this day.
Cansojr -1
Hi Matt, got your point. Only used TRANSAT as a simile.
siriusloon 1
Do you even know what a simile is? Obviously not.
william baker 1
The pilots of Air transat 236 thought they were facing a computer problem The issue they faced was a fuel leak but they didn't follow proper procedure. The only reason they landed safely is due to air traffic control routing the flight on a southerly course which put them in close to the Azores. But yes i also agree with you Boeing is buring there reputation here and need to step back and look at the issues and fix them. Heck what would even be better was going back to how they ran things in 1950.
siriusloon -1
That was eighteen (18) years ago and it was an Airbus, not a Boeing.
Ocean temperatures near the Azores in August are not going to cause hypothermia in "about ten minutes". Were you born an idiot or did you take lessons?
Jeraboam 2
Your facts are correct but the personal comment was unnecessary and doesn't add to the discussion.
sureshalfred 0
Israel has Boeing !
siriusloon 1
So do many other countries. What's your point?


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