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Fat Albert is retiring

After more than 30,000 flight hours, the C-130T known as "Fat Albert" is being retired. ( Más...

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william baker 3
Awwww what a shame. Now what about HAL lol.
My uncle Chief Petty Officer Bob Jones was the Avionics Chief on The Blue Angles C-130 in the 1970 and 1980s
Was not The Blue Angles C-130s that carried the maintenance crew and other operational navy personnel call sign "Navy One"?
habachi 1
No. The "One" callsign is reserved for aircraft carrying the President of the United States of America.
Kobe Hunte 2
Hope it gets put in a museum. Awesome plane.
James Simms 1
My understanding it will be a ground trainer @ Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base
Kobe Hunte 1
Oh ok..
Ken Hardy 1
An old H model 130, simple airplane same basic design that was built for 50 years, the only real thing that you have to monitor on the fuselage is the center wing which has a tendency to develop cracks over time plus some problems with the hot air deicing system.
Why no photo?
Oops! Never mind. I clicked through and found them!
chalet 1
Two questions that I would appreciate someone to answer: (a) Are there not enough surplus C-130s at Davis-Montham which can be refurbished as required and costing less than buying one from the RAF. (b) Has the reasons for the crash of the Marine KC-130T in Mississippi been established yet. RIP.
Thank you.
sparkie624 1
Hate to see it go, but is understandable. It is a pressurized a/c that builds lots of cycles. I would rather see this than to see it suffer structural fail in front of fans.... Would not be a good event.
Juliaan Edward 1
The emplacement C130J bought from the British Royal air force for a shale we shay a cheap friends price ,is already in the paint shop ,this is old news .
Clive Marc 1
There was a ‘Fat Albert’ that carried cars & passengers Southend to Le Touquet.? Same plane?
almoyes 1
No - That was a Carvair.
ian mcdonell 0
I hope Fat Albert gets a museum spot
James Simms 1
See my post above
Greg Held -2
Sorry misspell
British Columbia
Greg Held -6
Why get a replacements C 130J from Brits Columbia. They make them hear in the U.S.

If I was reading that right.
Mike Dryden 5
um... the RAF. Getting a second hand one will be faster and cheaper than new.
btweston 1
True, but the US Military owns a bunch of them so the essential question remains. We already have them so...?
Mike Dryden 4
At a guess... the US military wants to use theirs. The RAF possibly has some excess capacity as A-400Ms come on line. And the MOD could probably do with the cash. Pure speculation on my part.
siriusloon 1
The RAF wants to get rid of its shorter Hercules C5s (C-130J) and standardise on the longer C4 (C-130J-30) and A400M.

Second-hand aircraft are cheaper than new-builds made "hear" (or anywhere else). By the way, British Columbia is a Canadian province and doesn't have an air force.

Facts...they're easy to find when you're already online.


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