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Close Call Between Planes At Logan Airport

Newly released video and audio from Boston’s Logan International Airport shows a close call between a JetBlue plane and a flight that was taking off. ( Más...

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Daniel Baker 0
Great recording...keep your eye on the upper left.
Toby Sharp 0
Jeff Turner 0
Nice job!
Jeff Lawson 0
The [] to the tracklog, though the flight itself from KAUS-KBOS was uneventful.
david laite 0
A little disorientation I'm afraid. "Left on 22R, right on Charlie to the ramp" may have
Ivo Janssen 0
I just flew from Logan last night. I tell you, there must be a better way than for departing planes to have to cross active runways all the time. We took off from 33L but 27 was in use for landing and it took quite a while to safely cross 27.
bettiem 0
The aircraft almost certainly would hold without instruction before entering or crossing an active runway. I hope the flight crew are not unfairly penalised. However, since the option to turn either right or left had not been specified, the crew should not have presumed; they should have asked.
Thank god no one got hurt!Nice job ATC!
Paul Miller 0
I agree with David Laite, in that the ATC control person did NOT tell Jectblue flight to make a LEFT turn at 22R did he ? maybe the crew SHOULD have asked for more instructions, BUT when you listen and re-listen to it over and over again it does not give a CLEAR instruction as to which way to proceed to the the first turn off towards the Terminal.
This is not the first of it's kind of course as it happens lots of times during the year at many Airports ? but none the less my money is on the Pilots being in the right, and they DID pull up short of the active runway BEFORE the ATC guy told them too.
Wayne Dimmic 0
Looks like the ONLY way to get to taxiway "Charlie" is to make a left on RWY 22R. He would have provided left then right turn instructions if the crew needed it. How many times has this crew been to BOS?
Dale Sparks 0
ATC does not give Right/Left Turns or Direction. That is done by the Runway Numbers. 22R and 4L are the same runway, different directions. The pilot was told 22R, which is a left turn. The pilot took 4L which is a right turn. I am sorry, but me thinks the pilot is the one in error.
Michael Gravel 0
Have to agree with Dale, as pilots we are responsible for knowing where we are, if we don't then ask ATC for help. Either way these events help everybody in the system to learn and improve.
Bangell 0
Were the runway status lights working??? would he have stopped anyway???
bettiem 0
@Dale Sparks. Thank you. Yes. I stand corrected. Having been instructed 22R (NOT 4L) there was no option except to turn left. So, even upon holding at the active runway, the crew were dangerously in error and should be sanctioned and/or retrained accordingly.
Wayne Dimmic 0
Actually, there is no requirement to use the designation "22Right" when taxing SW or "4Left" when taxing NE. It does cut down on confusion, however to refer to a runway used for taxi operations as the same direction used for a runway actively used for takeoffs and/or landings.

Controllers can and do issue left and right turns when clarification is needed. That was not the issue here. The crew turned the wrong way to get to taxiway C.
gualdemar 0
Congrats to the ATCO. Thank you for posting.
JOhn LEe 0
what was the immediate follow up instruction to JetBlue?
michele steel 0
Excellent work ATC.
Thomas Moore 0
Stuff happens for no apparent reason sometimes.. Thats life.. Credits to all ATC ...That couldve been a repeat in history, Good Job all involved in that crash prevention..


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