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Jumbo Jet forced to land at humble N.Y Airport due to blizzard

CNBC Headlined a NEWS story( MSN.Com 1/6/18)."Due to Blizzard conditions worlds biggest passenger jet (AB380) diverted from JFK and was forced to land at a "SMALL" N.Y. AIRPORT (EMPHASIS SUPPLIED).....Humble Stewart Airport...." No mention that Stewart, a former Air Force base has 12,000 foot runways and all the electronic gadgetry ( and more) , of JFK for safety ...Not fake news but is that any way to grab viewers attention.A.C. was probably safer landing at Stewart than JFK… ( Más...

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Have to see the foto of this monster A.C. rolling out on the runway which is almost as wide as the wing span.Humble,indeed.I remember doing Touch and goes at a nearby G.A.A and having to make way for the King of Jumbos' (Back in the 70's)on final to Stewart when the Commercial industry was using the field as practice for the professional !


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